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]UX Design Write For Us – User experience (UX) designers are accountable for creating an optimal experience for the user when interacting with a digital or bodily product, such as a website, and focus on service design. On the other hand, user interaction (UI) designers are primarily concerned with how a user steers through a digital product. 

User interaction design is considered a UX function, so you may often come across the term UI/UX used interchangeably. A designer may be familiar with both and take responsibility for both experience and interaction.

If you are about to interview a UX/UI, we recommend asking the following questions to get to know the candidate more thoroughly and select the ideal one.

1. What is UX design for you, and why is it important? 

Based on their answer, you can get an idea of ​​their knowledge of the basic concepts.

Focus on receiving a definition that highlights who your candidate is as a designer. Your design answer should be clear as if you were explaining it to a 10-year-old.

Subsequently,, the candidate will explain the importance of UX,, highlighting their passion for the company’s design approach and their design perspective. 

2. What does the term “Design Thinking” mean to you?

Design Thinking is a practical and creative method for solving problems. It is a form of thought based or focused on solutions, to produce a constructive result. It is about discovering valuable information about the unmet needs of the target audience. 

With the candidate’s response, you will be able to know their analytical thinking, problem-solving, and, above all, their focus on users. Your design process mindset and whether you design products based on people’s needs, motivations, and behaviours.

3. What is your design process? Describe the design methods you follow.

Here you can discover how the candidate supports his outstanding work in words by explaining his design process. He can describe his potential approach to a typical project or explain how he has done it in the past on other projects. As a recruiter, you will be able to analyze his ability to demonstrate his approach and what sets him apart from other designers.

4. How do you decide which features to add to your product?

This is a tricky question since the answer depends on the context.
So the candidate will give a real-life example showing how they validated or rejected a hypothesis. As a recruiter, you will have to analyze his process and how he addresses business objectives while capturing his talent.

It may be based on research conducted on the target market, or it may focus on design features that address user needs.

5. What analysis tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) have you used to evaluate your designs?

Great UX designers seek to create involvements that work intuitively for a specific target audience. That’s why collecting quantitative data about site or app usage plays a vital role in a UX designer’s arsenal of UX success assessment tools. 

In the candidate’s response,, we must look for how he identifies and quantifies the actions users take when using the product he created.

6. What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

It is essential to have the designer’s portfolio, and hopefully, your favourite work is captured in the portfolio. His favorite job will allow you to get to know the candidate in more detail, his way of thinking and what excites him about his profession. You will be able to know visually and tangibly what the designer can do and if it could be aligned with what the company requires. You will also get some insights into why he chose the indicated job and how we can attract that passion to the company.

7. What is your process for working with other designers, developers, or product managers?

You will get an idea of ​​the candidate’s work style with his answer. Design is a team effort, and as a UX designer, you must know how to effectively communicate design decisions with your peers from project inception through implementation.

Each team member is likely to see a project from different points of view, but you need to be able to connect with all of them to spot any issues or misunderstandings quickly.

8. Tell me about a time when a project didn’t go as planned. How did you fix it?

This question is key to understanding the candidate’s problem-solving skills and will show if they can remain calm under pressure. The candidate will be able to talk about a time when there was a problem in the process, budget cuts, own negligence or factors outside of their control and how that did not stop them from moving forward with the project.

9. What do you do when a client tells you they didn’t like your design?

In a situation like this, countless UX designers will need to show thoughtful restraint. He won’t take criticism personally but instead use it as a chance to dig deeper and discover why a client might not like a design. So you will find how objective the designer can be, his service qualities, and how he deals with the client. Watch your response to see how it supports your design based on tried and true principles, past learning, reports and studies, best practices, design standards and conventions that have been tested, studied and validated.

10. What are some of the biggest trends in the UX design industry right now?
In their response, you’ll hear the candidate’s passion and knowledge, as well as their vision for the future of their company. A good designer will be excited about this theme; the answer will help you understand where his current focus lies.

Also, you will know how a UX designer keeps up with the industry. Whether you listen to UX podcasts, read UX blogs and books, attend webinars and online training courses for continuous learning, etc. 

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