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E-commerce Write For Us – What is electronic commerce? Here at e-Plus entertainment agency, we deal daily with entrepreneurs like you. Most of them have a lot of questions about e-commerce. We have selected some of them and answered them in this article to make life easier for those new to the subject. Verify:

E-commerce is a term that covers the commercialization of products, info products and services from electronic equipment, on or off the Internet. Such equipment can be, for example, telephone sets, totem poles, computers and mobile technologies.

There are several types of electronic commerce. The most common are B2C (companies that sell to final consumers) and B2B (business to business). There is also B2E (employee-business), C2C (consumer-consumer) and B2B (government-business).

What are e-commerce sites?

As said, electronic commerce does not only happen on the Internet. However, when this communication vehicle, it works through so-called e-commerce sites. The virtual store, the most modern interface for online sales, is just one of those sites.

In addition to the virtual store, it is possible to work with sites such as marketplace, mobile store, multi-store, landing page, squeeze page and custom sales pages. In short, integrating all these sales channels with physical stores results in a unified store.

How to set up e-commerce?

The first step to setting up e-commerce is planning. This can be done using tools like the Business Model Canvas and Business Plan. Soon after, opening a company and choosing an e-commerce platform is important.

The best eCommerce stage is the one that allows you to work with all kinds of eCommerce sites. And more than that, it will enable you to unify all your sales channels. In addition to the platform, you will also need a domain and hosting.

What is the e-commerce platform?

E-Commerce Platform is the name given to e-commerce website development and management software. There are three types the “open source” (free code), the “proprietary” (paid code) and the “Saas” (produced principle and updated by a company).

The advantage of using a SaaS cloud commerce platform is that it makes for an easier eCommerce deployment without worrying about IT. In other words, the platform maintainer makes technological improvements to the cloud platform.

How abundant does it cost to set up e-commerce?

This is one of the most classic questions in electronic commerce. The cost will largely depend on the size of your company. An entrepreneur trying to establish an MEI e-commerce, for example, initially invests an average of R$1 to R$5.

For micro-enterprises, the investment range is from R$5 to R$50. On the other hand, small companies spend from R$50 to R$500 on implementation. Large companies, in short, invest more than R$ 500 thousand and often reach millions.

How does e-commerce payment work?

Once your e-commerce is ready, or under construction, you will need to integrate an efficient payment system. The more choices you can offer consumers, the better chance you have for them to complete their purchases.

And one of the most used technologies in this context is the so-called payment gateway. This system connects your e-commerce site with the most different means of payment, such as boleto, debit and credit. So your customers can always pay for your products.

How does eCommerce delivery work?

Shipping is one of the fundamental steps of electronic commerce. It starts right after the completion of a purchase. In any case, the cheaper and faster the delivery, the greater the chances that the customer will make new purchases and thus become a customer.

Therefore, it is suitable for the entrepreneur who integrates a freight gateway and a delivery management system. Together, these software allow you to conveniently manage carrier contracts, price lists, freight data, last mile, etc.

How does the e-commerce service work?

The e-commerce service works through integrated messaging and chat applications. Through these resources, your agents and vendors can clarify doubts and refute objections from consumers who visit your online store.

In this context, the service can be performed through audio, text and video. It can also be done by phone or email. There is also the alternative of chatbots, which are powered by artificial intelligence and provide automated responses to online consumers.

How to integrate e-commerce with physical stores?

The easiest way to integrate e-commerce with physical stores is through a unified commerce platform, together with OMS (Order Management System), this type of platform groups inventories, allowing consumer service in any channel.

Pooling inventory makes it possible to offer consumers a seamless and unique shopping experience. These, in turn, can start by researching a product online, trying it in the nearest physical store and buying it in a mobile store, for example.

How to promote e-commerce?

There are many ways to promote e-commerce today, but the most used is Digital Marketing. Strategies include those of sponsored links for electronic commerce, Email Marketing for electronic business, WEB Visibility and price comparators.

After launching the virtual store, it is ideal to advertise it daily. It is that without advertising, there are no visits, and without visits, there are no sales. In Brazil, for every 100 visitors to a sales page, one purchase. Therefore, reserve at least 10% to 20% of your monthly income for marketing.

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