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Web Design Write For Us Guest Blog Submission

Web Design Write For Us – Surely you have heard a lot about the term web developer, which is closely related to the people in charge of creating web pages. However, there is another figure that is very similar, but different, the web designer.

Do you want to know how they differ? What does a web designer do and what are their functions? Yes? Well, continue with us today we will tell you everything. In addition, we will tell you what you can do to become one and approximately how much you can earn with this generous discipline. Let’s get started!

What does a web designer do?

A web designer is a professional specialized in web design and programming capable of managing the development of a complete project.

look at it like this Imagine that you are applying for a job in a digital marketing company and in the interview they ask you what a web designer is. Would you be able to tell him what you do? Surely in your resume you have detailed each and every one of the skills that make you consider yourself a professional in this sector, but how would you define it in a few words?

What if you tell them that you are an expert in giving a web page the best possible appearance based on the brand’s corporate identity while making it easy for visitors to find all the information that you want to convey?

Web Design Write For Us

It does not have to, but, obviously, if the web designer is or has been or has some of the skills of a graphic designer , they will be able to guide their future clients in everything related to their digital image .

In the same way, since it is about design, creativity is a very important component to achieve a harmonious and tasteful website.

So, it could be said that what a web designer does is create a page that clearly shows what it is dedicated to, what services or products are offered and how they can be achieved without leaving it.

It is what is known as “usability”, a word that is not in the dictionary and that we could alternate with “efficiency”, that is, the “ ability to achieve the desired or expected effect” .

Cool! In theory it is clear. Now it remains for us to know how to apply that theory in practice, and that is what a web designer does with the help of specific tools for page creation.

In other words, being a web designer makes you the architect of the website where your client will show their users what their project, brand, business or company is about. In this sense, you can create different types of websites, such as pages, blogs, online stores, landing pages , among others. But not everything stops there, you can also create applications for computers and mobile applications. Awesome! Certain?

Now, unlike web developers (programmers) who create a page from scratch by generating code, web designers focus on the use and mastery of various tools that allow them to create a complete site; although they must also have a bit of programming knowledge.

Among some of these tools we can mention: CMS or content management platforms, visual layout designers, pre-made templates, etc.

How to be a web designer?

Now that you know what a web stylish does, we will answer the question “How to be a web designer?” And to become one, you have work ahead of you. Today we will talk about the basics.

First of all, to become a web designer you will need to acquire basic knowledge about design in general and, of course, about web design. For example, you can start by taking introductory web design courses, where you will learn the basics, including programming languages.

In the event that you are really attracted to this discipline, you could continue your training in professional centers , such as a university or a professional level institute. This will be the main aspect that will lead you to be a web designer.

Web Design Write For Us

Second, once you know the basics, you should focus on the principles of UX design. If you want to be a professional, understanding this field is essential. You can consult different courses and also join communities where they share information about these principles.

Third, you must understand all the tools (software ) used in the world of web design. It is not necessary that you know how to handle them perfectly, but it is a good idea to acquire the basic knowledge of each of these. In your list you cannot leave out the following software: Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, among others.

Once you have acquired the aforementioned knowledge, it is time for you to create your professional website/portfolio . In this way you can show your abilities and skills. You have to create an attractive and functional website, something that captivates your potential new customers.

At the same time, it is time for you to start creating your brand. When you have mastered all the necessary skills to be a web designer , you can fully begin to develop your brand.

Roles and responsibilities of the web designer

Before we had mentioned that the task of a web designer not only focuses on the design of a website , but goes much further, so we will tell you what are the main functions and responsibilities that a web designer performs in his day to day. day:

Planning and designing the layout of a web page.

Implement the various criteria of usability, accessibility and interactivity. It is what we talked about in the first section, a web designer must also ensure that users can easily access each of the sections of the web.

Work on each of the design details of the site , such as the logo , typography, colors, headers, images, content, among others.

Installation and configuration of the content management platform ( CMS ) . As well as the other tools that help the creation, such as themes, templates and layout artists, etc.

Likewise, you must verify that the website works optimally.

Implement web positioning strategies .

The web designer can play the role of a webmaster , and even perform maintenance activities and updates.

They can also be intermediaries in the management of services for the choice of domains and web hosting.

web designer salary

As you can see, there are many tasks that a web designer performs, and it is precisely for this reason that it is currently one of the best paid professions in the digital world. Do you want to find out how much a web designer earns? Watch it below.

A web designer’s income is closely tied to the specialization they choose, but also whether they work for a company or as a freelancer. Therefore, the salaries shown here are only referential.

How much does a web designer earn?

For example, the average salary of a web designer in Spain is around €18,000 a year, around €1,500 a month or around €50 a day. However, when a designer is starting out he can only earn around €9,000 a year and those with much more experience can earn around €30,000 a year.

Now, for example, in Peru , a web designer earns about 3,000 soles a month; in Mexico about 12,500 pesos per month; and in Colombia approximately 1,750,000 Colombian pesos per month. These incomes also vary greatly according to the level of specialization, skills acquired, and type of work.

Education, training and certification

If your want is to be a good web designer , you already know that your main task is to train yourself to the maximum. This is a discipline of the digital world that requires constant learning, new technologies and tools appear every day that go hand in hand with this branch, so to be updated you must study and practice a lot.

Do you need a mark to be a web designer?

Regarding this question, so far everything has been said. Our recommendation is to study a career, but this is not completely necessary , since there are an infinite number of courses, diplomas and other studies that you can carry out to become a true web designer.

What career would be best to pursue web design?

Now, based on the fact that you want to obtain a university degree that allows you to work as a web page designer, you can opt for the university training offered:

  • The degree in web design,
  • The degree in visual design of digital content or,
  • The degree of multimedia and graphics.

You also have the option of doing a higher degree cycle in design and editing of print and multimedia publications or the higher degree in graphic production design and management.

Then, as a complement, you can take specialized web design courses so that you can keep yourself constantly updated. In this way you will hone your skills, at the same time that you expand your employment possibilities.

Now, surely you are wondering where to study web design? And well, in Spain at the CEI you can become a professional web designer with its web creation courses and masters.

What programming languages ​​should you learn and master?

There is no certain answer to this question. We already know that to be a web designer it is not essential to fully master several programming languages. However, as part of a good training and to expand the capacities, it is an excellent idea to have knowledge of them.

In this sense, it is very convenient for a web designer to handle markup languages ​​and style sheets such as HTML and CSS. Likewise, it is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of PHP, Java, Go, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java Script (and Node.js).

Web designer skills and competencies

Throughout all the content we have talked about what a web designer does, but we have not specifically touched on what are the skills and competencies that a web designer must have to be successful in the industry, and it is precisely what we break down below:

  • Be extremely creative.
  • Be proactive.
  • Have the ability to work under pressure.
  • Be organized and know how to plan.
  • Have communication skills.
  • Have basic knowledge of SEO.
  • Master vector design.
  • Master image editing programs.
  • Have knowledge of database management.
  • Know the various programming languages.
  • Have the ability to work with CMS.
  • You must be familiar with all web design tools .
  • You must know how to stay updated and be constantly evolving.

Where can a web designer find work?

The web designer career is one of the most demanded today. A web designer can work for almost any company, regardless of the field, since in any company you will always need a web designer to help expand your digital horizons.

However, the most common is that these are hired by consulting companies that provide web design services. If you want to be dependent you can offer your services in advertising agencies, graphic design agencies, digital content, etc.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of this discipline is that the web designer can work independently, where he can have complete freedom in terms of workload and delivery times.

Now, resolving the dilemma Where can a web designer find work? We can say that there are many digital platforms where you can apply, such as: Wexpertos, Worana, Toptal, TrabajosFreelance, 99designs, Twago, Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, Jooble, Freelancer, Codeable, Envato Studio, DesingCrowd, Linkedln, Behance, WordPress, Dribbble, LocalSolo, We Work Remotely, Localancer, Guru, HireMyFriend, among others.

Work environment

This is a point that is rarely taken into consideration. However, part of the good performance of a web designer and many other professions depends on his work environment.

Therefore, if you really want to be efficient and productive, protect yourself in an ideal work environment. To do this, take into account the ergonomics of your work furniture, the air conditioning of the place, the lighting and the spaciousness of it.

It is also extremely important that you have good technological equipment. Obviously, the Internet connection is a point that cannot be left out.

Working hours

As a last section we have left the working hours of a web designer . And as it is easy to deduce, being a career with a large number of tasks to be done with each project, a lot of effort, dedication and time are required on the part of the professional.

So talking about a fixed work schedule is a bit complicated. Whether the designer works for an agency or company or independently, everything will be based on the workload. Therefore, we are almost sure that a web designer always has to work a little more in relation to other professions that are a little more common.


We have reached the end of this substantial post on what a web designer does . We hope everything expressed here has helped you to discern more clearly if this is truly what you want for your future; Or if, on the contrary, what you are looking for is a web designer, clearly you can already determine what are the skills and abilities you must have to do an excellent job for you.

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