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Computer Write For Us Computer Guest Blog Submission

Computer Write For Us – Unless you just bought it, you may have questions about your computer. Moreover,  what graphics card do you have? How fast does the CPU reach? How quickly can I download files? Will I be able to play that game that’s all the rage?

The usual thing is that from your operating system, you can solve the questions about your PC that arise in your day-to-day. Still, sometimes the answer is not so visible, and it is more convenient for you to ask internet pages like the ones we propose next.

You may be acquainted with some of them or know how to answer these questions from within Windows, but you do never understand when you may need to go to these links.

What hardware does my computer have?

Even if you bought your computer last week, it’s not always possible to memorize every component, especially if it’s a portable device where everything is assembled and hidden from view.

From Windows, you can obtain information about it; how could it be otherwise? You also have diagnostic tools at your disposal that will solve this question.

From your web browser, you can also check what CPU, graphics card or RAM your computer has.

An example is My Computer Details, which from a small executable, will indicate the specific data of your PC so that you know all the hardware elements.

Es compatible con Chrome, Firefox e Internet Explorer y con Windows XP a 10.

What components of my PC can I change?

Now that you know your computer’s hardware, what parts can you change? It is a question that you will surely ask yourself if your computer is several years old and stops working as well as the first day.

The Crucial hardware sales page allows you to analyze the components of your computer and tell you what items you can change and what options are available.

Moreover, you will get a list of compatible partsfrom an executable called Crucial System Scanner. It will be convenient for you, especially, to find internal aspects such as what type of RAM you have installed or the connection of your hard drive or SSD if that is the case.

What internet speed can my device reach?

Moreover, it is as essential to have a good computer as a good internet connection. Hence, it is interesting to know the internet speed that we have.

The contracted speed is not the same as the speed that reaches our computer or mobile device.

With the Hypertextual speed test, you can choose a server and know what upload and download speed you achieve, as well as if the connection is clean or has latency with the ping and jitter data.

The analysis is quick, and when finished, you can share the result on social networks.

What is my IP address?

Another critical information related to the Internet is to know our IP address, a number that identifies our connected device and that will be useful if you play online, to access certain protected services or to find out if you have intruders on your WiFi network.

From this link, you can quickly check what your IP address is.

Where am I?

Moreover, if you are at home in front of the computer, this question will seem silly to you. A separate case is if you connect from a WiFi point outside your home, especially if you have travelled abroad.

From My Current Location, you will obtain this information, showing you the latitude, longitude and name of the place where you are. To do this, you must permit the page to get your position through the browser.

Suppose you need more information, such as proper places, means of transport, hotels, restaurants, etc. Moreover, you can go right to Google Maps and if your position does not appear on the map, try indicating “ current location ” in the search field.

Where you are will appear prominently, and by activating the Nearby places option, you will obtain helpful information, especially if you do not know the area.

Can my computer with that game?

You want to play a video game that has just come out, and you don’t know if your PC will be able to handle it. Well, ask Can You RUN It?

You indicate the name of the game, which will suggest specific results, you click on the button, and from an executable, you will get the answer to whether you can play that title or you should upgrade your computer’s hardware.

Is my computer safe?

There are many ways to check the security of your computer. One of the most popular services is ShieldsUP!, where you will find a series of tests to analyze whether your firewall and operating system can cope with possible attacks.

After the initial test, you will be able to check the most common ports or all of them in case they are open. You will also be able to obtain information on specific ports and analyze if your router is exposed to UPnP attacks.

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