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Banking Write For Us – What may look like a no-fee checking account on paper may not be what you need. Banks offer many different versions, from low-cost checking to rewards accounts. Keep in mind that the characteristics and benefits of each one vary depending on each bank. Here are some essential questions to ask about your checking account.


Does the bank have online banking and mobile banking?

Online banking can be beneficial. Transactions that used to require a phone call, or even going to the bank in person, such as checking your balance, transferring money, checking account statements or paying bills, can now be done from your computer.

Even more convenient is using apps on your mobile phone to make transactions wherever you are. For example, you can deposit checks by taking a photo with your phone. Before signing up, research your bank’s app to understand better what services it offers, as these may vary. Also, read the well print regarding your responsibilities and safeguards in online banking if someone fraudulently withdraws funds through online services.


Where are the bank’s branches located?

Unless you don’t mind burdening all your banking online or over the phone, you may want to consider a financial institution with a branch close to work or home. It might be worth checking the bank’s website carefully to determine which transactions require you to go to a department.


What charges does the bank apply?

Some banks charge monthly fees to uphold your account. However, they will sometimes waive those fees under certain conditions, such as having regular direct payroll deposits or keeping a certain amount in your account.


What is the minimum balance required?

To open an account, banks generally require you to make an initial deposit, and some banks need you to keep a certain amount of money in your checking account. Banks often post balance requirements on their website. A fee may apply if you do not maintain a minimum or average balance in your account, which may be waived if you meet other requirements, such as linking your checking and savings accounts.


Can I use an ATM for free?

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) allow you to withdraw money from your checking account without going to the bank window. But some withdrawals could cost you. Many banks will charge you fees for using machines operated by other banks or third parties, which can add up quickly. However, some banks will reimburse you for ATM usage fees. If a bank has a large net of ATMs, it will most likely be able to make withdrawals free of charge.


What transpires if I try to withdraw more money than I have in my account?

Retreating more money than you have available in your balance is known as an overdraft. The bank’s overdraft policies allow you to carry out your transaction, but you will usually be charged a fee. Some banks stop you from overdrawing your account when you use your debit card, and some allow you to request that your transactions be declined if your account does not have enough funds to cover the amount of a deal.

Many banks also agree you enrol in optional overdraft protection services, which cover an overdraft with money from other accounts, such as savings or credit cards. Remember that this protection may come with a fee, and if you use your credit card for overdraft protection, you may also receive interest charges.


Do money transfers have a cost to me?

Many banks will not charge you a fee for paying bills directly from your checking account or transferring money to your savings account. However, you may be subject to a fee if you send money outside the bank’s network to a person or business. If you want to send money to friends or family, you usually won’t be charged if your bank offers a person-to-person transfer service in its mobile app or online banking. Most central bank apps offer Zelle ®, a fast and secure service for sending money to friends and family.


Do I have to pay to have checks or replace a card?

You’ll get your first chequebook at many banks free, but you may have to pay for additional chequebooks. If you plan to write checks frequently, confirm with your bank if there is a limit to the number of reviews you can write from your account each month, as some banks will charge you if you exceed that amount. Some banks will charge you a fee to replace a lost or stolen debit card, but replacements for expired cards are usually free.


What is the interest rate?

Generally, the rate is meagre if checking accounts pay interest. High-yield checking accounts offer higher interest but typically require higher balances. Savings accounts offer higher rates but are subject to different rules because they are savings accounts. Federal laws, which apply to all banks, limit the number of withdrawals you can make from your savings account each month, and some banks may even charge fees for frequent withdrawals from savings accounts. It’s always good to review your bank’s deposit agreement and any disclosures to see what applies. This can be done by checking the interest rate offered by the account.


Does the checking account offer rewards?

After opening a new explanation and setting up direct deposit, your bank will offer you a cash bonus after you make qualifying deposits. Other rewards may include a checking account that pays you back each month when you make purchases with the account’s debit card. It might be worth reviewing the different checking account options available if you’re looking for a special bonus.

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