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Data Analytics Write For Us – The business and technological world is waking up, beginning to know and use the enormous potential that the science of data analysis holds for them. At the same time, numerous data analysis tools have emerged that allow designers to manage, present and conclude from the information obtained.

What are the most widely used data analysis tools, and what are they for? We analyze it.

What are the most helpful data study tools?

With the rise of disciplines such as Operational Intelligence to make business decisions, more and more companies value data analysis as the key to their initiatives and strategies.

The impact on the markets of this new science is positive: according to data provided by the McKinsey consultancy, companies that apply data analysis intensively have twice the chance of multiplying benefits compared to their competitors.

Data analysis allows businesses to classify hidden problems and make better decisions. Therefore, choosing the proper data analysis tools can be critical.

A suitable data analysis platform enables the developer to obtain, gauge, and present it understandably. This way, it can offer valuable information to companies, bringing solutions to efficiency or strategic decisions.

Among the most popular tools, the following stand out:

Zoho Analytics

This platform consists of software focused on business intelligence, reporting and data analysis. Zoho Analytics allows companies to access their key business metrics and see trends maintained over time, revealing confidential information that may be key to their business.

Its strong point is the cohort of personalized dashes in a matter of minutes, although it also allows you to activate alerts and prediction tools. In the same way, it facilitates the visualization of data through tables, Excel-style pivot tables or graphs according to KPIs.

For ease of use, Zoho Analytics incorporates an intelligent virtual assistant that provides help to users. This assistant has been developed based on AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to provide efficient service to users in a simple way.

Tableau Public

It is the critical platform for carrying out Occupational Intelligence processes: in other words, Tableau Public simplifies the analysis of old data for making strategic decisions in a business.

This platform allows information to be treated, shaped, and presented through different data visualization tools. The tool does not require knowledge of code or specific programming languages.

In addition, it allows a particularly intuitive use regarding visualization since it offers automatic templates that can later be customized. As the last step, the platform kinds it possible to share the conclusions reached with the client on social networks or download them.

Other data analysis tools similar to Tableau Public appear, such as Power BI and FineReport.

Rapid Miner

Rapid Miner consists of a data study and Machine Knowledge platform that generates analytics and monitors the real-time transformations that occur with the data.

This software allows the integration of information from diverse sources and types, including data after Access, Excel, and Microsoft SQL. In addition, it incorporates Machine Learning functionalities to generate a platform that is as intuitive as possible. Moreover, this way, the user doesn’t have to know the code to take advantage of the tool while allowing the developer to be more efficient in his work. In any case, there is an area of ​​training resources on its website where the most frequently asked questions about the use of the tool appear.

According to the tool, more than 40,000 companies already use Rapid Miner, using the platform’s advantages to apply data discipline to business.


This software generates an open-source environment for data analysis, making it one of the most popular and comprehensive tools. Thus, its functionalities include instruments for detecting anomalies in the company’s processes, the optimization of inventories or the dimension of customer gratification.

Regarding ease and intuitiveness, Knime has also created a forum where technicians can ask questions about the use of the platform. This tool also integrates with Azure and Amazon AWS cloud computing software.

Click Sense

The next step to Click View is an integrated solution to explore the data generated by a company and take advantage of its potential according to the principles of Business Intelligence. It also offers AI applications that, through associative technology, show suggestions to users to enhance the discovery of trends and hidden opportunities in the information.

Its intuitive use stands out among the advantages it offers, so programming knowledge is not necessary to take advantage of the data. For example, the software has been designed to display related data and trends using similar colours.

Apache Spark

However, Apache Spark is an analytics software for processing large volumes of data or unstructured data. Despite not being as intuitive as other podia, since it requires knowledge of a programming language, it uses common lingos ​​such as Java, Scala, Python, and R besides SQL.

To ease the outline and examination of the tool, this data analysis platform also provides resources and documentation to those who are new to its use; at the same time, it organizes user meetings promptly.


On the same platform. It is one of the oldest data analysis tools, with origins in the programming environment and language industrialized by this institution in 1966. Aimed at data scientists, statisticians, or Business Intellect experts, it allows you to explore, analyze, and visualize data.

Since 2011, SAS has been enhancing the possibilities of software regarding marketing and sales, becoming a powerful platform for B2C businesses: it adds Artificial Intelligence possibilities regarding customers and prospects, as well as marketing analytics and social networks. Thus, it allows companies to have a 360° vision in this area, managing and predicting customer behaviour and improving communication with them.


It is a data analysis stage that focuses on data visualization and examination to facilitate decision-making for companies. It works finished a cloud storage system and integrates all the processes around data science: from the acquisition of data to different ways of sharing it.

According to the needs of companies, the stage offers different software options, about of which are free.

Nexus Integra: the industrial data analysis platform

Connection Integra is an integrated operations platform with data analysis capacity focused on adding value to industrial companies.

Thus, the platform is made up of a robust three-layer structure that allows the mixing, acquisition, standardization, unification, organization and display of data from detached industrial possessions and other sources of info such as ERP, MES,… simply and intuitively. . With data from both assets and other applications, Nexus Integra enables interoperability and dashboarding, reporting, insight and control of all data on a single platform.

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