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SharePoint Write For Us – In this Power BI Interview Questions blog, we’ll discuss some of the most important interview questions associated with Power BI certification that will help you stand out in your interview.

Power BI was born at the end of 2013 after Microsoft combined several Excel add-ins to create an entirely new and independent tool. Power BI has been the main contributor to Microsoft’s business intelligence and data visualization growth in 2016-17. The image below is the change in the positions of organizations in the field of data visualization according to Gartner:

As you can see, there a crucial moment for Microsoft in the year 2017 compared to 2016, primarily due to the contribution of Power BI. In case you’re still not convinced to move to the Power BI domain, the image below will give you an idea of ​​the current Power BI market:

In this Power BI interview questions blog, I’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from interviewers. These questions compiled after consulting leading industry experts in data analysis and visualization.

Power BI interview questions

So, here are the top 70 Power BI interview questions and answers that the interviewer is most likely to ask. For your ease of admission, I have categorized the Power BI interview questions viz:

  1. General questions about Power BI
  2. DAX
  3. power pivot
  4. power consultation
  5. power map
  6. additional questions

Power BI Interview Questions – General Questions

1). What are the shares of the Microsoft self-service business intelligence solution?

Answer: Microsoft has two parts to Self-Service BI

2). What is self-service business intelligence?

Answer: Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI)

  • SSBI is an approach to data analysis that allows business users to filter, segment and analyze their data without deep technical knowledge in statistical analysis and business intelligence (BI).
  • SSBI has made it easy for end users to admissibility their data and creates various visuals for better business insights.
  • Anyone with a basic knowledge of data can create reports to create intuitive and shareable dashboards.

3). What is Power BI?

Answer: Power BI is a cloud-based data exchange environment. Once you’ve developed reports with Power Query, Power Pivot, and Control View, you can share your visions with your generations. This is anywhere Power BI comes into the equation. Power BI, which is technically an aspect of SharePoint Online, allows you to upload Excel workbooks to the cloud and share them with a chosen group of coworkers. Not only that, but your generations can interact with your intelligence to apply filters and slicers to highlight data. They come complete with Power BI, an easy way to share your analysis and insights from the Microsoft cloud.

Power BI features allow you to:

  • Share presentations and queries with your generations.
  • Update your Shine file from data sources that can be on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Display the output on multiple devices. This includes HTML 5-enabled PCs, tablets, and mobile devices that use the Control BI app.
  • Query your data using natural language dispensation (or Q&A, as it’s recognized)

4). How would you define Power BI as a practical solution?

Answer:  PowerBI is a cloud-based Business Intelligence tool for analyzing and visualizing raw data that can be obtained from a wide range of data sources. It can be accessed from different stages and shared between participants in the cloud. It is easy to work by, and the information is treated in such a way that it is easy to comprehend and reliable. Therefore, it is an effective solution. Consolidate business analysis with data visualization and help organisations make data-driven business decisions.

5). What are the main components of Power BI?

Answer: The main components of PowerBI are the following:

Let’s discuss each element in brief:

Power Query: It is one of the maximum essential machinery of PowerBI to transform data. However, power Query helps to extract data from diverse databases like Oracle, SQL, Text/CSV files, Excel, etc. and even removes data from different sources.

Power Pivot – Used for data modelling that uses DAX (data analysis expression) functions for calculations.  Moreover, here we can also create relationships between different tables and get values ​​displayed in pivot tables.

Power View: Power View provides an intuitive visualization of data and retrieves metadata for data analysis. Views communicate in nature, and slicers and filters can be used to slice and dice the data.

Power BI Desktop: Power Desktop is a mixing tool for Power Enquiry, Power View, and Power Pivot. It helps create advanced queries, data models, reports, and dashboards and helps develop your BI skills for data analysis.

Power BI Mobile Application: It is obtainable for Android, iOS and Windows Operating Systems. The app has an interactive display of panels that can also shared.

Power Map: Presents geospatial visualization of the data in Three-Dimensional Mode. Data can be highlighted based on geographic location, land, state, city, or even street speech.

Power Q&A: used to provide answers to questions asked by users. It is the whole thing with Power View and can be answered with Power Q&A renditions.

6). What are the different versions of Power BI?

Answer: PowerBI currently has three versions:

Microsoft PowerBI Free/ Desktop – This is for anyone who wants to see their business insights from data with visualizations.

[Microsoft PowerBI Pro – This full version of PowerBI allows unlimited viewing, reporting, and sharing of reports that PowerBI Desktop doesn’t support.]

Microsoft PowerBI Premium – The Power BI Best license is not a per-user license but provides a dedicated capacity unit for all users in the organization.

7). What is Power BI Desktop?

Answer: Control BI Desktop is a free desktop request that can installed directly on your computer. Power BI Desktop works coherently with the Power BI service by providing advanced data exploration, determining, modelling, and reporting with highly interactive visualizations. You can save your effort to a file or publish your data and reports directly to your Control BI site to part by others.

8). What do we understand by Power BI services

Answer: PowerBI Services is a cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service). It helps connect to your data, analyze, visualize and share business information efficiently.

9). What data sources can Power BI connect to?

Answer:  The list of databases for Power BI is long, but it can be grouped as follows:

  • Files– Data can imported from Excel (.xlsx, lxxi), Power BI Desktop (.pbix) files, and comma-separated values ​​(.csv).
  • Content Packs– A collection of connected leaflets or files stowed as a collection. In Power BI, there are two types of gratified packs: those from service providers like Google Analytics, Marketo, or Salesforce, and persons created and communal by other users in your organization.
  • Connectors to files and additional data sets such as Azure SQL, Database and SQL, Server Examination Services tabular data, etc.

10). What are the diverse modes of connectivity in Power BI?

Answer: There are three different connectivity modes in PowerBI which are:

Import mode:

In PowerBI, import mode the evasion mode because it used most frequently and offers fast performance. You can integrate data from a data source as shown. The imported data stored on disk and is fully loaded during query or update.

direct query mode

Direct query mode is an additional method of introducing data with a query to save data from a pre-existing data source. When the data capacity is too large, we use DirectQuery to evade updating the data, as it can take a long time.

composite mode

This model is a merger of the Import and DirectQuery modes. It offers the best of Import Query and DirectQuery manners. This mode supports computed tables that DirectQuery does not.

Eleven). Where is data stored in Power BI?

Answer: PowerBI primarily uses two repositories to store its data: Blue Blob Storage and Azure SQL Database. Azure Blob storage characteristically holds data uploaded by users. Azure SQL Folder contains all the metadata and artefacts of the scheme itself.

12). What are the Building Blocks of Power BI?

Answer:  The following are the Structure Blocks (or) the critical components of Power BI:

  1. Visualizations: The visualization is a visual representation of the data.
    Examples: pie charts, line charts, side-by-side bar charts, graphical presentation of source data on top of the geographic maps, tree maps, etc.
  2. Datasets– Dataset is an assortment of data that Power BI uses to create its conceptions.
    Example: Excel pieces, Oracle or SQL server tables.
  3. Reports:  A report a group of imaginings composed on one or more pages.
    Examples: sales report by country, state, city, logistics performance report, product earnings report, etc.
  4. Dashboards: A dashboard is a multi-visualization single-layer presentation; we can integrate one or more visualizations in a page layer.
    Example: The sales dashboard can have pie charts, geographic maps, and bar charts.
  5. Tiles– A tile is a single visualization in a report or dashboard.
    Example: Pie chart on dashboard or report.

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