A web server is a computer that hosts web pages and makes them accessible online. When a user opens a website, the web server will retrieve the relevant data and send it to the browser so that the user can interact with them. There are 2 main types of web server components:

  1. Hardware: It is a web server software such as JavaScript files, CSS style sheets, and HTML documents. The web server hardware will connect to the Internet and enable the data exchange with other physical devices.
  2. Software: These web servers will control how users access hosted files. It has several components and an HTTP server to process and respond to incoming requests.

What are the Advantages of a Web Server?

There are several advantages of web servers. One of its significant benefits is that it can handle multiple tasks, such as receiving and sending emails or storing web applications. The primary use of web servers is to host websites that will make it an interactive system for users globally:

  • It will also provide space for websites to store their database and files. Apart from this, it has a domain name that will act as a unique address for the website that will help visitors to find your website easily and quickly.
  • Maintaining web servers is unnecessary; this will save you money. You need to choose a hosting plan to provide you with the crucial resources for your business.
  • When implementing effective security protocols on web servers, the hosts will reduce issues and protect the hosted website against cyber attacks and malware.
  • There are various web hosting packages with various features and advantages. You’ll be able to select one that will suit your company’s needs and is within your budget.


In conclusion, a web server connects your website to the Internet. As we have seen, it consists of 2 components: software and hardware, each of which plays a particular role in processing databases and files. The primary function of it is 2 host websites. Various web servers will deliver different types of content to the browser. It is vital to purchase a web hosting plan for any website type.