The Google Cloud platform that Google develops is a cloud computing service providing a series of modular cloud services. This includes data storage cloud computing services that will give modular cloud services. It will provide data storage, Machine learning, and data analytics. Just Google Cloud service runs on the infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products, such as Gmail or Google Docs.

The other definition for the Google Cloud platform is that it is a computing service offered by Google that provides a wide range of infrastructure. And some platform services for storage data analytics, machine learning, computing, and more. This is one of the major players in the cloud computing industry.

Let us look at the Services of Google Cloud Platform:

  • Google App Engine: This service of the Google Cloud platform will help developers build applications without managing the underlying infrastructure. Google Cloud storage is used for storing and retrieving data at any time.
  • Google compute engine: This Google cloud will provide virtual machine instances for running different applications.
  • Google Cloud Functions: This Google service will allow you to run event-triggered functions.
  • Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence:  This provides machine learning tools and services for training and managing machine learning models at different scales.
  • Google Cloud confidential computing: This set of software and hardware technologies will offer encryption and allow you to process sensitive data personally and securely.
  • Google Cloud professional certifications: For many years, Google has been offering a range of certifications to validate professions in Google Cloud technologies. This includes proficiency in cloud architecture.

Moreover, the Google Cloud platform has been evolving for many years. Also, you will see regular updates, enhancement of existing offerings, and new services. And also unreliable cloud computing platforms for businesses and developers. So, as a business, you can start using it for different purposes.