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SEO Write For Us – It means Educational Service of Social Origin. Since 1988, they were kindergartens and educational activity centres (CAE) that comprehensively cared for children from 45 days to 5 years old in kindergartens and from 6 onwards in educational activity centres. Work was carried out from an eminently pedagogical perspective articulated with aspects and services related to health, food, recreation, art and culture. Based on this experience of almost 24 years, the Social Management Education Department (DEGs) was created in 2010.

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What social demand do they respond to?

Education is understood from a criterion of universality. In the case of SEOS, a situation of non-exclusive prioritization is considered, where said priority is inclined towards populations of vulnerable social, economic and cultural rights.

What was your evolution in the Province?

Since its creation in 1988, SEOS have grown continuously and uninterruptedly, with significant growth in its first ten years, some stagnation until 2007, and strong growth between 2008 and 2011. Of the 184 SEOS that existed in 2007, Today we have 308.

How is this coverage distributed in the Province?

The various modalities are Kindergartens, Evening Socio-Educational Centers, Educational Activity Centers, Rural Socio-Educational Centers, Good Harvest Program, Children’s Orchestras Program. With the creation of the DEGs, an EGS Secondary Socio-Educational Center for Youth and Adults included.

These socio-educational centres of social management distributed in all the departments of the Province, in urban areas, urban periphery, and rural regions. The provincial State accompanies the 18 municipalities and more than 65 Civil Society Organizations through monthly contributions to pay teaching salaries. The current enrollment is around 24,000 students.

What experiences do you consider most significant?

They are many, multiple and invaluable. To name just a few, the Itinerant Center of Agua Escondida, Malargüe, with the Evangelical Rural Center as an intermediate entity. A pedagogical couple visits the posts far from the town, providing early attention, timely stimulation of children, and other educational actions, adult literacy and a survey of situations of violation of rights, such as lack of vaccinations, documentation, etc.

Another experience developed in the CAE Arco Iris, of the Colomba intermediate entity, in the Campo Pappa area, where they work in educational workshops for inclusion and build their project called “Los Emprendedores”, referring to the recycling and reuse of waste materials.

What are the biggest challenges in the area?

On the one hand, to update the structuring and regulations referring to educational institutions of social management, specifically SEOS, since it a recent modality of educational leadership recognized in the National Education Law 26206, in its articles 13 and 14, and given the 24-year trajectory, exemplary and unprecedented both in our country and in other corners of Latin America, it deserves its award.

Arranged the other hand, it is crucial to be able to operationalize the essential purpose of the DEGs to provide Comprehensive Educational Opportunities to populations with educational needs, from the formal and non-formalized system, attending to complex and differential needs of social, cultural and economic life, with criteria of contextualization, territorial equity and associated management, from the creation of educational institutions of social and cooperative control of any level and modality.

Finally, what is the importance of SEOS for inclusive education with equal opportunities?

The possibility of implementing Educational Units, from the perspective of the Social Management Education modality, implies management that involves Civil Society Organizations, Municipalities, Companies and other organized social actors, with solid support from the Provincial Government and with actual participation of the entire community, it will generate strengths in the educational aspects of girls, boys, adolescents, youth, adults and older adults, favouring quality inclusion, reinforcing and improving academic and school paths, based on a profound strengthening of the educability conditions.

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