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SAP Write For Us SAP Guest Blog Submission

SAP Write For Us – The SAP consultant is the professional who offers services for the implementation, optimization and execution of SAP products to ensure the maximum use of knowledge and technological tools for the benefit of the company.

Adapt this system to what each company wants and needs. Through their work, companies obtain valuable information for decision making.

In recent years, SAP has become one of the leading ERPs in the market, which is why more and more companies request professionals to help them implement this system.

In this article we will share 10 questions to interview a SAP consultant and be able to identify the best candidates for the position. 

1. What is SAP and what is it used for?F

The objective of this question is to know the vision that the candidate has of SAP and to verify that he really demonstrates a domain on the subject. 

The most basic thing that the candidate should answer is that SAP is an ERP that organizations use to manage business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, compliance and risk management, and supply chain operations. . 

Having the information available from these areas in a single system helps management positions to access company data quickly and make better business decisions.

Remember, a good candidate will always speak passionately about their work. An excellent answer would include how SAP brings value to companies’ business processes.  

2. What are some of the SAP modules and which ones do you specialize in?

SAP has around 24 modules. Each module specializes in the administration of an area of ​​the company. SAP consultants often specialize in a few modules, but are not experts in all of them. 

Some modules that the consultant could mention are:

  • SAP FI(Financial Accounting): Financial and accounting processes
  • SAP SD(Sales and Distribution): Customer sales and distribution
  • SAP MM(Materials Management): stocks, invoices and everything related to the sales product.
  • SAP PP(Production Planning): Everything related to manufacturing.
  • SAP HR(Human Resources): Human Resources Management
  • SAP CO(Controlling): Costs and Benefits

The consultant should mention exactly which modules he knows and what they are used for.  

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using SAP?

A good SAP consultant knows the advantages and disadvantages of using this ERP. In such a way that when you have to talk to a client, you can explain in a simple way why you should implement SAP within your company and what are the challenges they may face when implementing it. 

Some of the advantages that the candidate could mention are:

  • Adaptable and flexible: SAP is a software that is highly adaptable to the needs of each company and its sector. In such a way that a tailor-made bag can be created for each company. 
  • Deliver reliable information: SAP, being a computer program, can deliver valuable and reliable information in real time.
  • Increase productivity: By having company information and statistics in real time, managers and employees can make better decisions to improve their processes and efficiency. 

Some of the disadvantages that the candidate could mention are:

  • It’s difficult to manage: Employees can take a long time to learn how to use SAP effectively.
  • Slow implementation: Depending on the size of the company, SAP can take years to implement. Well, each module requires its own implementation. 
  • High cost: SAP is expensive licensed software and hiring the right professionals to implement it can be very expensive. 

4. What are the functions of a SAP Consultant?

The most basic functions of the SAP Consultant are:

  • Investigate the internal functioning of the company.
  • Adapt SAP according to business needs.
  • Plan and monitor specific actions to get the most out of SAP.

5. Imagine that you are about to implement the SAP system within a company, what is the worst that could happen and how would you solve it?

In the final leg of an SAP implementation, a consultant will likely have to make several last-minute changes. Despite all these changes, the release date cannot change. 

A good candidate will tell you the worst that can happen in this scenario and provide a solution. This requires a good handle on prioritization, even if everything is urgent, which is often the case. 

A project manager is looking for someone who can manage time and expectations, someone who can make smart decisions when given leadership. Someone who can anticipate the worst possible scenarios to be ready to resolve them, or prevent them from happening in the first place.

6. What was your most difficult SAP implementation?

The candidate must mention what has been the most challenging project they have carried out. A good answer would include what the company’s requirements were, what modules did you use, what were the challenges you encountered, and why this particular implementation was the most difficult. 

This question will tell you how the candidate behaves when faced with difficult situations. 

7. What is the worst situation you have had with a client and how did you handle it?

SAP consultants deal with different personalities and user groups, such as the IT team, project managers, area leaders, etc. Implementing SAP is a significant investment, so the consultant will most likely face difficult situations with the client. A good SAP candidate must be ready for this challenge and know how to deal with the various problems that may arise along the way.

The objective of this situation is to know how the candidate handles conflicts with clients and stakeholders. A good SAP consultant is someone capable of mediating problems with all the parties involved in the implementation of the system. 

8. What is your planning process for implementing SAP within a company?

This question is to know what the candidate’s work methodology is like. The consultant should clearly and briefly explain the steps that are followed to study the needs of the company, generate a model that fits the business and implement the SAP system. 

In this way you will know how the candidate works and how he will communicate the process to non-technical profiles such as managers of the areas involved or company executives.

9. Give me an example of how you implemented SAP in a company and how this impacted the business

The ultimate goal of implementing SAP is for the company to improve its business processes. A good consultant not only knows how to implement SAP, but also identifies the business need and carries out an implementation that helps improve the current processes of the company.  

The candidate should give an example of how its implementation has an impact at the business level, whether it is if sales were increased, costs were reduced, the production line was improved or there is better human capital management. 

10. In which industries have you implemented SAP?

It is not the same to implement SAP in an automotive company than in a retail company. The needs of each industry are very different. In addition, companies are requesting more and more professionals who have worked in the industry in which they are located. 

If the consultant has worked in an industry very similar to your client’s, they will be able to implement SAP more quickly and efficiently. In addition to the fact that they most likely already know the particularities of the industry to which your client belongs. 

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