7 Strategies to Boost the Conversion of Leads to Customers – Having a website with many visits is a good starting point if what we want is to sell our products online. However, the number of visits is not necessarily related to sales, much less to customers. Attracting leads to our website or brand is the first step. However, the most important thing is to get them to make a purchase.

That is where the transition from leads to customers occurs when they finally decide to make a transaction and buy one or more products. It can happen organically without us doing anything, or it can be the most complex step. Since the second case is more common, it is important to be prepared and look for strategies that help us convince leads to make their purchase.

In this article, you will find numerous options to help you achieve this goal and have a closer relationship with your potential customers.

7 Strategies to Increase Lead Conversion

be accessible

Being available and accessible to our clients is essential to project a positive image and make them trust us. The image is very important, and the opinion that we manage to generate in the client, especially during the first contact, can directly influence the purchase decision of each visitor. Therefore, we must take care of the image and be accessible and available for any questions, queries, or needs the lead may have.

Immediacy is a key factor in this aspect. Visitors expect an immediate response that sometimes we cannot provide. Whether it’s because of the time of day it’s done or the response system, it’s not always possible. The use of chatbots is a very interesting alternative in this regard. If you distinguish how a chatbot works, you will know that information is loaded into it so it can answer the doubts or questions that web visitors have.

There will always be more complex or specific questions that we cannot foresee, but they can help us with the vast majority of common questions that leads may have about the products or services we offer.

Know your audience

We cannot draw a strategy correctly or launch ourselves to make changes to our website without knowing who we will be dealing with.

The profile of the visitors can greatly influence the way the sale occurs and even how we offer our products.

Knowing the audience will allow us to know their tastes, customs, and, statistically, what actions usually have better results and carry them out.

The use of a CRM can help us in this aspect. Storing the data and preferences of all leads and customers will allow us to have a realistic and data-driven image of our real audience.

Analyzing this data will allow us to find points in common between leads and regular customers, which will help us to know our strategy’s strengths and create a buyer persona.

The buyer persona will help us focus our marketing strategies better and obtain better results. Not only to focus our actions on it but also in case, our objective is to increase the demographic range of this profile.

Use social media

In the XXI century, it is nothing new that social networks can be a key element in generating and converting leads.

Nowadays, everything happens through networks, and if we do not have a presence in them, it is almost as if we did not exist. You can not have a social media profile and still enjoy some success. However, we will be turning our backs on a giant global showcase that can benefit our business.

Especially about stores that sell online, it allows us to access and make ourselves known to potential customers worldwide. Something unthinkable and almost impossible with physical stores or only with advertising.

The advantage of social networks is that, apart from being free, they also help us to give a positive image. A careful, active, and interesting network profile can attract many leads.

It also allows us to interact with customers and leads: find out their opinion, answer questions and even receive feedback about the products or the store. Social networks have become essential for any store that intends to sell its products online and aspires to be successful.

Optimize the customer journey

We can have the best product on the market, outstanding attention, and impeccable service, but if our website is not comfortable and intuitive, sales will not arrive.

Although it may seem secondary, the use and accessibility of our website are crucial elements when it comes to converting leads.

A slow web page, with elements that take time to load or are unclear, can cause us to lose many potential clients.

Immediacy is a key factor when making purchases. We must manage to attract and convince leads at the right time and not take too long until they make the purchase.

A delay or delay gives the customer time to think and can cause them to consider whether or not to make the purchase and end up leaving the page.

That is why it is important that the website is fast and the path to purchase is short and intuitive. The step from the customer’s arrival at the product to the purchase must be short, direct, and without obstacles.

We must study and optimize the customer journey of our website, and we will see how the results will improve instantly.

Landing pages and CTAs

Landing pages are the pages where customers reach our website. It can be after clicking on a banner, a search result, or a link from another website.

In any case, our opportunity is to convince the client and sell them our product. We have little time and must try to attract and capture their attention without overwhelming them with pop-ups or invasive elements.

The content must be clear and direct, the web page clough descriptive and attractive, and we must add a button that calls the customer to action – the so-called Call To Action or CTA.

These calls to action must be positioned so that whoever visits the web is attracted and tempted to click on it.

The button or link itself does not assure us of a sale, but it does get whoever visits the website to take a step further and, of course, helps generate interest and can be very important in seizing the moment and converting leads.

Loyalty and newsletters

The use of newsletters is a very common practice among online stores of all kinds since it manages to obtain very positive results in terms of conversion.

On the one hand, it shows a certain interest on the part of the web visitor since they agree to receive more information and relevant content about our products.

On the other, it allows us to obtain a contact channel with the lead and establishes a relationship that can result in a conversion and future purchase.

In addition, it is a very good way to build customer loyalty and offer interesting discounts and promotions. Although the intention is to attract leads, they can also see that this is a store that cares about its customers and can see this as something positive for the future.

We continue to emphasize how the image is extremely important and cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Everything we do, in one method or another, can influence the decisions of the leads, and we must ensure that their reaction in all cases is to purchase in our store.

ADs and SEO

Ads or conventional internet advertising and SEO or search engine optimization a priori are different methods of focusing our marketing strategy.

  • The first (ADS) is usually paid and consists of making our brand known through banners, videos, and claim elements that appear on different web pages or social networks.
  • The second is free and more subtle, although more laborious, and focuses on generating organic visits through different techniques that make our website appear among the first results in search engines.

Both are valid, can achieve very good results, and can even be complementary and work together in certain cases.

However, as always, we must analyze the pros and cons in each case to see which one best suits our situation and needs. In any case, they are a very good option to attract leads and get them to become customers in just a few steps.