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why technology is important in our life essay
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why technology is important in our life essay 

why technology is important in our life essay – Technology is a fundamental tool for our society. Just as its evolution represents a profound change throughout history, the way we use it always generates benefits and challenges.
At a time of accelerated technological development, it is essential to reflect on the impacts that this has on our lives.

Its advancement, like the Internet of Things (IoT ), will make our lives more enjoyable. There are countless technologies that are taking shape and soon we will have a great transformation in all aspects.

Below you will see important information about how technology has influenced our lives.

What is the definition of the word technology?

Technology defined as a comprehensive process based on the application of science and knowledge in many areas of life in an orderly and careful manner to achieve important and valuable goals for all.

When we hear the term technology, we often think of innovations in the field of communications, and we even have a vision of a technological future that takes us to science fiction movies. Automatically, we think of items that powered by electricity and that, as a general rule, tend to be complex. In short, we are always using technology when we use scientific knowledge to achieve a specific purpose, whether in industry or in our daily lives.

From the discovery of the wheel to computers, from MP3 players to new technologies such as self-driving cars, numerous technological innovations have changed everyday life and will continue to influence the future.

The influence of technology in our daily lives

Learning: Learning has become more interactive and collaborative, helping people better engage with the material they are learning. With the creation of the Internet, students and teachers have better access to resources, as well as access to almost everything that is available online. People can access them through YouTube and social networks, for example, and for some students this has become a great advantage and they have learned a different methodology than just sitting, attending lectures and reading books.

Communication: Sharing information has never been so easy. Many technology applications and social media platforms have provided a great way to connect with everyone. We can connect with our families or friends even if we are miles away. Communication is vital in all areas and technology offers the best platforms.

Modern technology and the World Wide Web : The World Wide Web (World Wide Web ), the famous www, is the set of all Internet content, such as web pages, videos and images, which displayed in HTML and can accessed from almost anywhere on the planet. Access to this network through a hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP , was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. After the invention of the Internet and when it became accessible to everyone, his pages were filled with millions of information and knowledge.

Privacy: Although access to the entire Internet provides us with an unprecedented level of information, it also makes us vulnerable. Every movement we make on the network is recorded and we leave digital footprints, fraudsters know this very well and approve it for financial gain.

One technology that helps keep your data safe is the password manager . A password manager will protect your passwords, suggest new and stronger passwords, in some cases even monitor the internet to make sure your data isn’t compromised.

How does technology influence business?

Companies are one of the areas that benefit the most from the use of technology. A manager can make a decision in a short time and can easily solve problems.

The most important advantages of technology in this area may include:

Easy access to information: Many companies have local or global branches. Technology allows them to communicate between their various branches for information on work progress and gives them the opportunity to connect to competitive markets. Therefore, you can rely on technology to perform these tasks, without the need to send someone else to get the information.

Increased employee productivity : Technology has contributed to a significant increase in productivity, both at the administrative and manufacturing levels, as most industries now use machines instead of human resources, saving money. time and effort.

Remote support and service: For IT technicians, the technology also provided benefits. Remote support tools widely used by customer support teams to access an end user’s computer or mobile device. They allow technicians the ability to resolve issues remotely as quickly as possible, without the need to travel to the support agent or end user.


The importance of technology is key to the continuous renewal of our way of life. Thanks to her, we have reached levels never before imagined and we continue to advance. Without technological advances, our lives would not be so complex. Technological influences give meaning to our way of acting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became a necessity in 2020 and 2021. However, this trend is not temporary. Working this way will become the new normal, and having technology that enables remote access and support will be critical.

Rescue is scalable and offers flexible and reliable remote assistance, regardless of the size or rate of growth of your company. It goes beyond attention to technical problems. The main objective of Rescue is to save time and money, increasing the efficiency of the company.

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