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Wheel Locks Write for Us – Guest Post, Contribute, and Submit Post

Wheel Locks Write for Us

Wheel Locks Write for Us

Wheel Locks Write for Us – Wheel locks are locks for car wheels to stop the theft of wheels, tires, and rims. These devices are connection instead of the lug nuts. They cannot be detached from anything but the particular key in the set. The type of wheel lock is dissimilar according to the wheel style. You can send us the ideas and submit the article contact at

What is a Wheel Lock?

Wheel locks, also known as alloy wheel locks, are a necessary tool to ensure that wheels are firmly secured on a car to stop car thieves from attempting to steal your tires and other wheel parts. When getting each wheel lock set from your local dealer, it usually comes with a tire lock key, and you mustn’t lose them since remove the locks without the key can be laborious.

How Does it Work?

A set of wheel locks contains four lug nuts with a car wheel lock key specific to each of the lug nuts. To install the wheel lock, you will essential the specialized key while following the proper torque conditions so it won’t budge from your wheel. Once the wheel locks are in place, you should have a worry-free mind about thieves attempting to steal your car tires.

Benefits of a Wheel Lock

Since wheel locks have these special keys to remove them, it will be difficult for thieves to bypass the lug nuts’ pattern and remove them. Having wheel locks keeps you from worrying about your tires being stolen, and it also helps you save a considerable chunk of money should you buy new sets of wheels if it gets stolen.

What do Wheel Locks Look Like?

What do Wheel Locks Look Like?

Wheel locks are ended in a set of four locks and one key. Each of the four waves is install on each wheel, replacing a traditional lug nut. They can be recognized by the unique design on the face of the lock or the unique shape of the wave itself compare to the conventional lug nuts. The “Key” is typically store in the approximate form of a malleable case or bag to save it from causing noise while driving.

The History of Wheel Locks

Mc Gard invented wheel locks and wheel lock keys in the early 1960s. At the time, wheel, rim, and tire robbery was widespread, especially for dealerships. Dealers often endanger their car lots by installing one wheel lock on each tire. Inappropriately, the cars were often sold deprived of the wheel lock key wante to change, replace, or alternate tires. This would chain drivers to their dealerships for tire service.

Types of Wheel Locks

There are various wheel locks to stop thieves, and they differ in design and function. Below, we have listed the many different types of wheel locks:

  1. Wheel Clamp Lock
  2. Splined Lug Nuts
  3. Taper Lock
  4. Alloy Wheel Lock
  5. Radius Seat Bolt
  6. Lug Nuts.

What Happens If You Misplace Your Wheel Lock Key?

A trader or builder can substitute the key if you consumption the code to your wheel lock key. Sometimes, you can order a spare online if you have the brand, make, or perfect of your wheel locks. If all else fails, you must pay a professional to remove your wheel locks.

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