How did The Walking Dead End?

How did The Walking Dead end? While the Italian public prepares to enjoy the grand finale broadcast today on Disney+, in the US, there are already those who can barely close their jaws after a perfect season and series finale, in which everything seems to have fallen into place, shouting ‘We are the ones who live.’ This is. In reality, those who have followed the series have learned to understand that The Walking Dead has never been a ‘series about zombies’ but something more, the story of Survivors between life and ethics, complicated choices and pain, until a few hours ago, when the curtain fell on their lives. ‘Those who live’ also had their revenge on those who tried to frame them, kill them, eat them, and hit them, but how did The Walking Dead end, and who died in this series finale?

What is the Story of The Walking Dead?

What is the Story of The Walking Dead?

At its peak, The Walking Dead attracted 15-17 million same-day viewers every week, a frighteningly massive number for an original cable series. At that point, The Walking Dead was not only the highest-rated TV series in the 18-49 demographic on cable but in all of television. On the eve of the grand finale, ratings for The Walking Dead are between 2 and 3 million viewers during the day on AMC, with a sharp drop compared to the sixth season. Let’s review the epic story of Atlanta’s survivors through 10 seasons and countless refuges conquered and left in the flames of bloody battles.

The Camp between the Woods and the Greene Farm

In the first season of The Walking Dead, after awakening from a coma amid the zombie apocalypse that devastated Atlanta, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes meets other living humans on the run and joins them. Arriving at a camp in the woods, Rick sees his wife Lori, his son Carl, and his best friend Shane (who has started a relationship with Lori). After searching the CDC building outside Atlanta for answers, the group manages to escape before the explosion, triggered by lone doctor Edwin Jenner.

In the second season, Rick’s group welcome by the Greene family onto his farm, and Rick stabs his former best friend Shane in the chest after the rift between the two reaches a breaking point. The descending parable of the protagonist begins, which many fans have started to consider from this season on as a question mark for The Walking Dead, perhaps because he keeps to himself the secret that Doctor Jenner had revealed to him in the finale of the first season, namely that the virus contaminates everyone and will transform when they die, regardless of how they die.

The Prison

The third season of The Walking Dead could not miss the abandoned prison where Rick and his group take refuge after eliminating a herd of wandering zombies from the courtyard.

Other groups of humans and their leaders begin to appear: We get to know The Governor with an authoritarian leadership style and a dark secret. He keeps his Zombified daughter locked up as if she stepped out of Jane Eyre.

In the fourth season of The Walking Dead, the survivors are still in prison and have to deal with a deadly strain of flu from pigs. The Governor storms the building with a tank and confronts Rick and his council. He kills Hershel and is killed shortly after that.

In the finale of this season of The Walking Dead, the group leaves the prison, dividing into three minor factions. Everyone begins to follow directions to Terminus, which offers “refuge individually.”


In The Walking Dead, the shelters are not destined to last long, and in the fifth season, Rick’s gang discovers cannibals inhabit Terminus, and Carol blows it up with a rocket. In the finale, the group comes across a new shelter: This time, it’s the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a communicate led by a woman named Deanna Monroe. The woman offers accommodation to the survivors, but they don’t trust her, and her people don’t trust them, an attitude typical of the daily life of the characters of The Walking Dead.

Final Explanation of the Walking Dead

Final Explanation of the Walking Dead

The twenty-fourth episode opens with a twist: Luke and Jules who return in season 11 are bitten by walkers. The Common wealth has invade by the “undead”: the protagonists of the television series force to flee, while Judith is seriously injure. Luke gives his harmonica to Yumiko, Magna, Kelly, and Connie shortly before dying.

Coco’s Discovery

Rosita, Gabriel, and Eugene finally manage to find Coco: the little girl is in a structure invade by walkers. To survive, they decide to climb up using a gutter. Gabriel and Eugene enter a building while Rosita carrying her baby falls among the zombies. She manages to survive, killing some walkers and climbing the tower.

Shortly after that, Rosita confesses to Eugene that she was bitten.

Negan’s Apology

Negan takes a rifle and walks away: the man wants to kill Pamela. Maggie intervenes, trying to stop the former villain. Negan evidently a new person apologizes to Maggie for her actions, but she can’t forgive him.

Pamela Dies

Pamela had previously close the gate to “stop” the undead. However, all the other citizens risk dying. The protagonists and the Common wealth soldiers team up. Pamela is finally arrested. At the end of The Walking Dead 11, Pamela doesn’t die but ends up in prison.

How did The Walking Dead 11 End, the Herd?

The coalition and the Common wealth lure the herd to the Estates. Using some barrels of gasoline, they destroy the walkers, freeing the city. Rosita, shortly afterward, dies from the bite. Before leaving, the character says goodbye to Gabriel, Eugene, and the other allies.

A year later, the Common wealth appears to have become a safe place. Ezekiel is the new governor, Mercer is the lieutenant governor, and Carol replaces Lance. Negan, who does not live in the Common wealth, sends Judith a package containing a compass and a letter. After saying goodbye to Carol and little Judith, Daryl leaves to find Rick and Michonne. Rosie, Eugene and Max’s daughter, also appears.

How did The Walking Dead End, the Return of Rick and Michonne?

We discover that Rick is still alive: at the end of the episode, a flashback appears on Bloods worth Island. A helicopter locates the protagonist of the previous seasons. Civic Republic is probably trying to recruit new people. Michonne is still looking for Rick Grimes.

We will discover the future of these two characters in the new spin-off, which should arrive in 2023. We have, therefore, understood how The Walking Dead 11 ends.

When did The Walking Dead End?

When did The Walking Dead End?

The answer is probably never because, despite reaching its final season, the story of humans fighting zombies produced by AMC Studios and based on the comics by Robert Kirkman published by Image Comics has generated a universe of entertainment products on various media and continues to interest millions of viewers.

The AMC network has decided that there will not be a twelfth season, and the eleventh, divided into three parts, will be the last series of episodes of the mother narrative, the one that began in 2010 when Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens from a coma in a hospital destroyed by Zombie apocalypse. Over a decade, the mainstream television story of The Walking Dead has been accompanied by four web series, one spin-off, and a video game, in which the level of humans who desperately try to survive the undead is more alive than ever.

What is Fear of the Walking Dead?

Fear the Walking Dead is an offshoot series of The Walking Dead, which began in 2015 and is in its seventh season. This portrays the initial events of the zombie apocalypse on the West Coast around the same time the city of Atlanta was attack while Rick H. It shows how the virus was already in full effect in the South while it was just getting started in California. Fear the Walking Dead is, therefore, not a prequel but an actual narrative rib of the mother story, which explores the onset of the undead apocalypse through the events of a very problematic family.

The spin-off series of The Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles, where a mysterious epidemic threatens to upset the little stability that school counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have managed to put together. When society collapses, the daily pressure of uniting two families and dealing with troubled and stressed children takes a backseat. The struggle of human versus zombie generates (and demands) forced evolution, a necessary survival of the fittest, and our dysfunctional family must face the challenge starting from already rough terrain. Having reach its seventh season in the USA and Italy, it will be available from June 2022 on MTV, waiting to upload to Amazon Prime.


How did The Walking Dead End? Every story should have a beginning and an end a journey of the characters’ growth, discovery, and even rebirth that leads to final satisfaction. The Walking Dead doesn’t seem to have understood all this and reaches the last episode tired and out of ideas. Throughout the eleventh season, they witnessed the fall of AMC’s gem between disastrous production drops and narrative choices. The 24th episode, entitled Rest in Peace, suppose to close the circle of the zombie apocalypse survivors and instead opens the story to the various spin-offs soon to release. All this undermines the emotional significance of the mother series, which has now fallen apart into its parts.

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