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XML is used for describing data. The complete form of XML is an extensible markup language. It is a flexible way to develop information formats and shared structure data through the public Internet and also through corporate networks. XML is a markup language that will be based on SGML (Standard generalized markup language). This is used to define markup languages.

The primary function is to create formats for data or information that will be used to encode information for database records, documentation, and other types of data. However, this can also be used to generate different types of content by creating similar content, including mobile content, print, and more, based on the XML data.

Does XML is a Programming Language?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask frequently. The XML is not a programming language. But it is a markup language used to annotate data with the help of tax that will interpret that data. And also, the programming languages consist of instructions to implement the algorithm—markup languages format data by processing through programs running algorithms that interpret marked-up data. Moreover, these markup language tags are considered a type of computer code because they help define various elements of the markup language.

Where is XML Used?

The primary function of it is to provide a simple text-based format. This format will help represent structured information. Some of the places where this is used are:

  • Technical documentation
  • Invoices
  • Transactions
  • Configuration options for application software


In conclusion, XML is the technology industry’s most used technical documentation data. The reason for this is it will specify structural information. Therefore, other programs for output will then parse the document structure. Also, this can help define a list of items as being the steps of a procedure that includes identifying elements for required steps and alternate steps.

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