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Will technology replace humans
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Will technology replace humans 

Will technology replace humans – In the short term, artificial intelligence could replace people in various jobs and trades, leading to the extinction of some professions

The world is constantly changing, and occupations, jobs, and trades are changing or, in some cases, disappearing. Technology and advances influence different aspects of daily life.

Technological advances currently allow labour to be replaced by specialized devices or programs. The development of new functions and dynamics in the workplace is no exception. Several specialists predicted that machines could replace human beings in various aspects.


What jobs could disappear in the not-so-distant future? – Will technology replace humans

1. Accountants

Payroll, tax and audit software are some of the tools that replace the functions of accountants. What’s more: there are currently mobile applications that used for the development of this profession, among which  “DIAN consultation, Freshbooks, Mis Finanzas, ClevCal-Calculator”, according to the portal of the National Institute of Public Accountants of Colombia.

2. Customer service

It is no secret to anyone that technology has reached the point of answering and resolving doubts from a particular company’s clients. Going to a company page will most likely find interactive tabs that answer the essential questions. Among these tools, for example, Chatbots appear, which  virtual assistants programmed to solve various specific questions.

A Call Center is a telephone service centre to answer a large number of calls stock

Even if you need to pay an invoice, confirm a piece of information or obtain information, web pages  beginning to have the solution without requiring a flesh and blood adviser. Although customer service a vast and numerous field, it could be replaced entirely in the future.

Of course: currently, the advisor’s work continues to be valued in various entities of all kinds since, for the moment, person-to-person communication prevails, which is instead supported by digital aids.

3. Booksellers or librarians

If you think about it, this profession may not be entirely common anymore. The number of librarians is minimal, and this is because the operations in bookstores and libraries are different. A person is no longer necessary to guide him to find the book he needs.  Some computers provide exact location data.


At this time, it is a profession catalogued in danger of extinction. What’s more, artificial intelligence can seamlessly replace their functions. Of course, as in other fields, a good bookshelf may not be replaceable by a computer. However, the future and the advances will have the last word on the matter.

4. Drivers

The automotive industry was one of the industries with the most technological advances in recent years. In 2016, the Forbes portal reported that the luxury company Tesla had manufactured a car “with a modern and practical autopilot that guarantees maximum performance. Thanks to this addition, the autopilot can steer the car in a single lane, change lanes and control speed as if the driver himself did it”.

The automobile industry is growing technologicallyiStock

Technology increasingly points to the manufacture of autonomous cars. The automotive industry has its sights on the autonomy of the vehicles and the possible advantages in the absence of ‘human error’ on the roads.

5. Secretaries

The algorithms and technical programs were so practical that they replaced various office positions. To speak of one of the many positions at stake with cybernetic projects, the secretarial role had to be transformed, given that traditional tasks, such as attending to agendas and answering messages or calls, activities that some current applications can replace …

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