Technology helps more students cheat – According to a study, including new technologies in our daily lives helps more young people use them to cheat on exams.

There will be those who remember what the so-called “chops” were like years ago. When there were exams the previous afternoon, they spent a lot of time, which could have been dedicated to studying, writing on a small piece of paper, with tiny fonts, the answers to the questions that could appear on the exam. The next day, during the test, the students who were going to copy were quite nervous. They took that little piece of writing out of their backpacks, books or notebooks and hid it where they could so the teacher wouldn’t see them. Others, instead of using paper, wrote the answers on their hands.

With time, everything has evolved, even the way it copied in the exams. According to recent studies, new technologies have improved students’ ingenuity in copying.

more advanced methods

The arrival of new technologies in our lives has marked a before and after in how we carry out our daily obligations. New technologies fully presented in the world of education. Even in schools, computers, tablets, and tactile whiteboards have been introduced when teaching. Teachers send homework by email, and students return it the same way.

But just as they used for good things like teaching and studying, they can also used for bad things like cheating on exams. The methods used to make “chops” are much more sophisticated. Like, for example, using earpieces for exams. With these earpieces for exams, it is easy to maintain communication with the outside and for them to give the answers to the questions. These wireless earpieces have turned out to be quite a revolution for those less advantaged students who need to get good grades or pass and are not good.

Cell phones are not allowed in class for a reason.

The use of portable phones has become widespread. Even the smallest of houses carry one. Parents excuse themselves by saying, “in case something happens”, but everyone, including children, knows how to use the Internet, and they end up using mobile phones for everything except for him “in case something happens”.

Today you can find real bargains when buying mobiles, you can enter El Friki and see the price comparison between Chinese mobiles, and everyone has access to one. Cell phones have used in class to contact the outside world, like before, with invisible earpieces and to receive the answers to exams. Also, to be able to enter the Internet and look for the correct answers yourself. There a reason why the use of cell phones prohibited in class! And it is that today’s young people are very naughty and know how to use this technology to their advantage.

Alternatives to cheating

Cheating is not a good thing. Students who use them don’t just learn lessons that will be important to them in the future. And what happens when they reach higher education? If they get it by cheating, they will never learn to conduct a proper professional activity.

The alternative to cheating is to help them study. There are many applications since they like technology, which can help them look fun and thus keep the explanations. You can find alternatives to applications that often used at and stop cheating on exams. Some are easier than others to use. Also, some paid, and others free.