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Sicario 3: Story, Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

Sicario 3: Story, Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know 

Sicario 3

sicario 3- Few franchises have had as many ups and downs as Sicario. The series received Academy recognition with its first film and flopped at the box office with its second. Still, no matter its varying levels of success, fans can all agree on one thing: we want more. For those new to the Sicario universe, back in 2015, one of the best action movies of all time was releases. Sicario introduced us to the heart-thumping story of the FBI being tasked to take down a brutal leader of a Mexican drug cartel. After receiving many awards, we got the not-so-great sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldado. But there is still hope that Sicario will reclaim its reputation and prove so that it can stand next to some of the best thriller movies out there as another flick has confirm.

That is right, Sicario 3 is on its way, and to celebrate, The Digital Fix has gathered all the intel you need to know about the upcoming movie. We’ve left no criminal stone unturned from the Sicario 3 release date, cast, trailer, and more.

What will Sicario 3 be About?

What will Sicario 3 be About?

The plot synopsis for Sicario 3 hasn’t  revealer yet. Still, going off of the events of the last movie in the franchise, it seems like the next chapter in the story will follow the apprenticeship of Miguel Hernandez.

At the end of Sicario: Day of the Soldado, we saw Alejandro Gillick approach Miguel Hernandez and hint at offering the young gang member a mentorship. In that case, Sicario 3 will explore the two’s relationship as they make their way through the cartel’s chain of command. From the film’s title, Sicario: Capos, we know that our heroes will be going after the criminal organization’s big dogs this time. Done are the days of dealing with soldiers (soldiers). Capos are the cartel’s bosses, so expect more action and bloody shootouts.

Story for Sicario 3

The working title for Sicario 3 was Sicario: Capos, which translates to “bosses.” That could mean that Matt and Alejandro will be facing off against the heads of the Mexican drug cartel. The Sicario 3 story will also see Matt potentially being removed from his CIA position, given that he disobeyed orders in Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Alejandro also recruited Miguel in the sequel so the threequel could see a mentorship/apprentice-like relationship. If Emily Blunt returns as Kate, the Sicario 3 story could see Kate trying to expose Matt and Alejandro for their illegal activity and trying to control the drug cartel.

The Plot Sicario 3

Ahead of the release of Day Of The Soldado, creator Trent Luckinbill confirmed Sicario 3 is definitely in the works. The story would probably pick up from the Sicario 2 ending, which says Alejandro (del Toro) survives a firing by young gang associate Miguel (played by Elijah Rodriguez), who was involuntary to sprout him. The final scene occurs a year later, where the recovered Alejandro recruits Miguel, setting up a potential apprentice association in the next movie. A consequence would also have to deal with the vocational impact facing Matt (Brolin) as a rare show of emotion caused him to disobey the strict orders of his bosses in Sicario 2. The title Sicario: Capos, roughly interpreted in English as “bosses,” could nasty Matt and Alejandro face the roughest drug kingpins they’ve ever dealt with.

Do We Know the Sicario 3 Cast Members?

Do We Know the Sicario 3 Cast Members?

Given how Josh Brolin has ostensibly kept in the loop about how the next movie is developing, as well as how the aforementioned final scene of Soldado unfolds, it’d be pretty reasonable to expect both Brolin and Del Toro to reprise their roles as CIA operative Matt Graver and former Mexican prosecutor turned black-ops assassin Alejandro Gillick, respectively.

Depending on whether Taylor Sheridan and whoever’s tapped to direct the third movie are happy to pursue Miguel’s dark apprenticeship, we should also expect Elijah Rodriguez.

The real question on everyone’s lips involves Emily Blunt returning to the fold as FBI Agent Kate Macer. There has been plenty of speculation about whether Blunt would be onboard for future installments and more demand to see Macer kicking down doors on some government task force.

When is the Sicario 3 Release Date?

Suffice it to say, currently, there’s zero word on when the Sicario 3 release date will finally lock in. Keep an eye out here for any changes.

Is There a Sicario 3 Trailer?

At this stage, there isn’t a Sicario 3 trailer.

Sicario 3 Is Confirmed

Producer Trent Luckenbill has confirm Sicario 3, but it’s seemingly stuck in development hell, and there is no Sicario 3 release date. In a previous interview, Josh Brolin was very optimistic about the threequel (via The Hollywood Reporter). The actor reveal that Sheridan had already complete the screenplay. Brolin commented, “It’s very much at the forefront of our minds. It’s written, and it’s rewritten. So it’s out there. We think it merits a third one if we can make it in the way that we want to make it.” Luckenbill even hinted at the possibility of Villeneuve returning to direct (via Aubtu).

How We Want to See The Sicario 3 Series End?

How We Want to See The Sicario 3 Series End?

Sicario (Spanish for ‘hitman’) was an amazing, exciting, suspenseful film direct by Denis Villeneuve and starring Emily Blunt (as Kate), Benicio Del Toro (as Alejandro), and Josh Brolin (as Matt Graver). They make a great team, with Emily Blunt’s character, Kate Mercer, an FBI agent being deliberately missiles so that the CIA can strike at the drug cartels in Juarez, where much of the film takes place. The film was meant to the first in a trilogy, and while he didn’t direct the sequel, many believe Villeneuve should return for Sicario 3, especially after his brilliant Dune and Blade Runner 2049.

Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

In 2018, Sicario: Day of the Soldado release. It’s an exciting film, but much was lacking, and it is inferior to the original. Although it features some of the same characters as Sicario, it’s not a sequel. Emily Blunt is conspicuously absent from the film, and along with a different director, there’s a different kind of score after the composer Johan Johansson passed away, and Blunt, Villeneuve, and Johansson are all missed.

Sicario 3 Possibilities

One exciting possibility for the third Sicario would to get more backstory on Del Toro’s complicate character, Alejandro, perhaps so we might understand his actions better. He was originally a good, honest man but draggers into darkness and mass murder because of the slaying of his family. To show Alejandro working as a Prosecutor and interacting with his wife and daughter would give more insight into the character, and we will find out exactly what he did to have his family executed.

The first film dealt with drug trafficking by the cartels, and the second focused on human smuggling by the cartels. Perhaps the third film should deal explicitly with sex trafficking across the border. It could also explain why there are mass graves of young raped and mutilated women in Juarez.

Ending Sicario

The ideal ending would be that the three main characters of Sicario reunite and head out on another government-sponsored mission to disrupt the cartels and get them to fight amongst themselves, killing each other and doing Matt’s job for him. To up the stakes, there needs to be more corrupt law officers on both sides of the border, and more of an effort to track and kill them.

The soundtrack to the original film is exciting and intense. Before a big showdown happens, we hear noises like sirens going off, increasing the situation’s intensity. Unfortunately, the composer (Johansson) died shortly before the release of Soldado, so the best we can hope for is another composer whose sounds put us in such anticipation and dread that the ensuing action seems more realistic and vivid; the master composer Hans Zimmer would be an excellent choice.


Fans of the Sicario 3 franchise have eagerly anticipated news about the third installment. If but their hopes may have dash with actor Josh Brolin’s recent update on the project’s progress. In an interview with Variety, Brolin shared his concerns over the delay of Sicario 3. As a returning cast member who play CIA officer Matt Graver in the previous two films, Brolin explained why the film has yet to made despite the high demand from fans. The act of bringing the third movie to life has challenging, and even though the first two films were financial successes, it’s still difficult to get the third film off the ground.

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