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Movies for entrepreneurs that will inspire you

Movies for entrepreneurs that will inspire you 

Movies for entrepreneurs that will inspire you – What would our lives be without the seventh art? Movies for entrepreneurs are a source of inspiration for those days when the lightbulb of ideas is burned out. But without a doubt, a great entertainment experience to identify and enjoy what the cinema gives us.

The objective of recommending these movies for entrepreneurs is to recover those moments when inspiration is low. Ideas were going to crash and end up as stars, and vice versa. Because not only can you create the largest company in history from a garage in the United States times, it is enough to press play to realize that success is closer than it seems.

Films for entrepreneurs: the cinema that inspires

Now that you have read the introduction or skipped it as if it were ‘Accept terms and conditions,’ conditions that list of undertaking in the cinema. Of success and failure. Of ideas that come and go. To undertake, like reality itself.

Money Ball (2011)

That sport is one of the sources of inspiration in any area of ​​life is a reality. Could it also be about entrepreneurship in a place where money occupies the first position of importance?

In this atypical film where baseball, sports, and money come together. Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the Oakland tea general manager of Oakland Athletics. He is a character who gained great recognition by getting his team to rub shoulders with the rest of the major league baseball teams with fewer financial resources.

Why sit down and watch it: Money isn’t everything. How ingenuity can overcome or be equal to the great powers.

Score on Filmaffinity: 6.7

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

As in any field where money is the protagonist, the dark and illegal part is an attraction that is difficult to avoid. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street tells that part, from zero to nothing, in which excessive ambition can be a problem. It is the biography of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who achieved financial success in the 1980s through methods of dubious legality. A biopic based on true events of how to reach the top above everything and everyone.

Why sit down and see it: If the Scorsese-di Caprio binomial still raises your doubts, you will have to see why the easy and dark path is not always the best.

Score on Filmaffinity: 7.6

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Does having talent and a good idea ensure success? The truth is that no because there are factors beyond our control that can ruin our work. In this near-drama film, Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a salesman who tries to support his family. Entrepreneurship is not a path of roses, something you surely already know. When, in addition, you have people in your charge who depend on you, the situation can become unsustainable.

Why sit down and watch it: The film explores that bad streak in which nothing goes right. Where the dream of undertaking becomes a nightmare and basic needs seem unattainable.

Score on Filmaffinity: 7.5

The Founder (2016)

How can an idea that works perfectly on a small scale become a giant known worldwide? The story of ‘The founder’ is about: how McDonald’s, a small hamburger restaurant in California, can be a well-known restaurant in any country. Ray Kroc can be considered the “thief” of that little burger joint or perhaps a visionary who saw the power of fast food before we even thought it existed.

Why sit down and watch it: The world of entrepreneurship is a jungle; if you don’t run, someone flies for you. The story of how the world’s best-known fast food restaurant was founded? It is a must.

Filmaffinity rating: 6.5

The Social Network (2010)

The story of how a college student becomes the youngest billionaire in history? In ‘The Social Network,’ you not only sit down to see how Facebook emerge but also the story of a young Mark Zuckerberg. An entrepreneur who begins to create the first sketches of ‘Facebook,’ with the positives and negatives of undertaking: the sacrifices, the envy of success, and personal relationships.

Why sit down and watch it: Can success change your life? The significant origin of a small startup to a global communication giant.

Score on Filmaffinity: 6.8

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