five examples of innovative and successful advertisements – One great thing about working in advertising is that commercials never cease to amaze you. There’s always a new twist on creativity or novel use of technology that will leave you speechless.

But it is that besides being a joy, following the news in advertising serves as inspiration and as a guide to continue improving our campaigns. Therefore, I want to share with you ten examples of innovative advertisements and see what we can learn from them.

five examples of innovative advertisements

Let’s start with the list of these ten advertising examples:

1) The Magic Window

The magical window that gives this ad its title is a technological solution implemented at Arnold Palmer Hospital, thanks to Disney, to help children who spend long periods in the hospital. It is a giant interactive tablet where children can interact with different characters from Disney movies.

Presenting this solution on the spot is very emotional and manages to connect quickly. In addition, a brief explanation of how it works at a technological level is also included. The result is a solution that takes advantage of the latest software trends while being very human and close to us.

Nike speaks to us again about overcoming barriers, but this time in a different way. In this short spot, he introduces us to Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to compete on a men’s team. With just a few brief brushstrokes, this advertisement speaks to us about diversity and improvement, while its brevity encourages us to share it and continue to spread its message.

3)five examples of innovative and successful advertisements Dollar Shave Club

Low budget and absurd humour are the keys to this legendary campaign. In the middle of a crazy tour of his factory, the founder of the company Dollar Shave Club explains what his product is and why you should use it. A few years after its launch, this company reached 3 million subscribers and 200 million dollars in sales.

The effectiveness of this spot is in its ability to attract attention and be extremely clever, with a style similar to the famous Old Spice campaign “The Man You Could Smell Like”, which works very well in campaigns aimed at young men.

 4) Domino’s

This American pizza delivery chain has attracted attention with its technological excellence and impeccable customer experience. With the “Domino’s Anyware” campaign, they revolutionised how their customers order pizzas and made this process easier and more convenient than ever. It is now possible to order pizza through Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Slack and the Facebook Messenger chatbot, as well as automatically repeat orders through a custom app. Not only have they managed to leave their customers satisfied, but they have also positioned themselves as a modern company that is up to date with recent times.

 5) five examples of innovative and successful advertisements Always: Like a girl

Classic sanitary napkin ads are a cliché that no longer convinces anyone. Without making a single mention of their products (or menstruation), they manage to excite their target audience and position themselves in favour of women. Perhaps, for this reason, this advertisement has even more merit. The premise of the spot is based on answering a straightforward question, but one that we have not stopped to think about: why do we say that someone does something “like a girl” to say that they do it wrong?

This clothing brand has relied on technology to offer a unique experience to its customers through a worldwide image campaign with a presence in 100 physical and online locations.

The campaign used billboards with moving images that users had to capture with a photo to obtain a unique code. Then, visiting the website, they were shown a series of informative screens about Uniqlo’s technology and a page where they could enter their code to get free samples. In total, the campaign managed to reach more than four million people and generated 35,000 new customers.

Technology has connected people from all over the world, and it has made us much more aware of our diversity. Heineken plays with it in this campaign, where he sets out to convince two strangers with opposing points of view to chat about their differences over a beer. The campaign brings a very positive message and intelligent use of the product.

More than a specific campaign, it seems that Tesla has a magic recipe to succeed on Twitter.