Yik Yak is the process that helps you Get a life Feed of what people are seeing around you. There is a difference between Yik Yak and an anonymous messaging app. The anonymous messaging app is location-based. The app will have a combination of GPS and instant messaging technologies that allow users to share and discover what people are talking about within a 10-mile radius.

How to Use Yik Yak?

To use Yik Yak, you need a smartphone, tablet, and internet connection. Once you have downloaded the app, you can start reading and posting on the app. This app also provides anonymous communications, so there is no registration required. There is no need to pick a username because they don’t have one when using this app. You can write a little description with the help of an icon on the right side in a pencil shape. You can also log in by adding an optional handle.

There is a home tab that will allow users to see new and trending posts within 10 10-10-mile radius of their location. You can decide what message makes the trending list by hitting the up and down arrow. When you click on that post, you can see the location from which it was sent and report if it’s abusive. Popular posts can be shared with friends on other social media.

What are the Features of this App?

  • You can find out what people are saying in different locations. This feature will show how people react to a particular event, such as a show or a life concert. You can also read things written in different locations, but you will only be able to write a yak.
  • Please feel free to respond to people’s comments. The comments will be anonymous, but users are assigned a specific icon.
  • You can also peak to discover what people say in different locations. This feature will help you understand people’s opinions on different events.
  • You can also vote for your favorite yards and downvote yaks you don’t like. The one who receives more votes will be the hot stream.