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Telecommuting is completing work projects from a place other than the actual workspace through the internet with a laptop or phone. The idea of telecommuting is to work from wherever you want to work. This usually happens from home. As time passes, many companies are allowing employees to telecommute. They do this for at least part of some week. This will help in reducing the amount of office space required. Some companies are making it more consistent with a remote workforce.

Telecommuting is highly dependent on technology. Workers must have a proper internet connection, device, and communication software to stay in touch with their team members and perform the tasks. Telecommuting has become possible due to the internet, digital devices, collaboration tools, and email.

Benefits of Telecommuting

  • Telecommuting allows employees to work from various locations, improving work-life balance.
  • Managers can get into a broader talent pool by considering candidates not geologically close to the office.
  • Removing the need to commute can save time, reduce stress, and lower transportation costs.
  • Employees will have fewer commuting costs such as gas or petrol, bus or train passes, clothing, etc.
  • It will help them maintain work and personal lives easily.
  • It will help take fewer sick leaves since they are working from home, and it will be more comfortable.

Disadvantages of Telecommuting

  • It will lower the chances of getting promoted since the seniors will need to learn how much time and hard they are investing in work.
  • It will be challenging for team collaboration.
  • Isolation of employees.


In conclusion, telecommuting is a process of shifting the process of how people work. This work mode will offer various advantages, including less stress, more work flexibility, and more. Companies must invest in the correct technology infrastructure to effectively implement this, develop clear communication protocols, and work in a culture of trust and responsibility.

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