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RAM is a hardware part in computers and laptops used as a memory card. Its abbreviation is called random access memory. It is also called PC memory. It will store data the computer processor requires to run any application and open the files. The RAM is a rectangular flat circuit board with memory chips when we see the structure. This is also called a memory module. Basic computers will have at least two RAM modules, considered crucial components that will work simultaneously with the CPU and provide a good experience.

Importance of RAM

It is crucial to have RAM in your computer. It will help store data and make space for other things on a real computer. If you do not have enough random access memory in your computer, it will move data here and there in your hardware and your processor, slowing down the computer’s open files. So, having enough RAM in your PC or laptop is essential.

The amount of random access memory you should have in your computer will depend on the purpose of the use. If you must store vast amounts of data and want a great experience, then at least 32 GB of RAM is required. This will help your computer to run various applications, and you can also play the latest games. If you want to edit photos or play games, you can go for 12 GB, Or you just have to reply to emails and go for 4G.


In conclusion, RAM is crucial for your computer to have an experience without any negotiations. It would help if you kept upgrading your random access memory to improve productivity most effectively. But you must remember that random access memory only holds the data when you need it for apps or files you currently open. And when you close the app or shut down the PC, the data in the RAM is cleared.

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