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Operating System

Operating System 

Operating System is a system that manages all the programs and applications in a computer. And this is loaded into the computer by a program. It will allow applications to interact with a computer’s hardware. With the help of a designated application program interface, the program requests services from the operating system. However, at least one operating system should be installed to run other programs on the computer.

Some significant systems available are Windows, which is present in various computers, and Linux and macOS. These operating systems are also used in other devices, such as mobile phones. Also, as mentioned earlier, you have at least one operation on every device.

What are the Functions of an Operating System?

The functions of the operating system are diverse and, at the same time, essential for the practical work of the system. Let us discuss some of the functions below for your better understanding:

  1. Management of Devices: The operating system (OS) will manage the interaction and connection of different input and output devices through device drivers. Therefore, it will also allocate and deallocate devices to various processes and keep track of these devices.
  2. Security: The OS will provide security measures like firewalls to protect the computer from unauthorized access and malware. They will constantly monitor system activity and block unusual activities.
  3. Storage Management: It is responsible for storing and managing the files and helps access them. It also helps optimize the use of various storage devices and will ensure data integrity and effective retrieval.

Those mentioned above are some of the basic operations of operating systems. However, with the modernization in technology, more advanced functions are available in the system.

These are:

  • Energy Management.
  • Virtualization Support
  • Cloud integration
  • Advanced security features
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning features


As technology grows daily, there is a requirement for operating systems and advancement in it. Therefore, it is now considered the topmost priority of every business setting since it controls all the application programs in a computer.

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