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Online Transactional Processing

Online Transactional Processing 

Online transactional processing will help enable accurate data processing in online banking, cash registers, ATMs, e-commerce, and other services we interact with daily. It will also allow the real-time execution of many database transactions by many users through the Internet. Online transactional processes Have different methods like insertion, change, queries, or deletion of data in the database.

It will drive many of the financial transactions that people make every day, including online banking and ATM transactions. It also provides e-commerce and in-store purchases, for example, grocery shopping, booking cabs online, and more. And also, the database transaction will be kept as a record of the corresponding financial transaction. It will also work on nonfinancial database exchange, for example, text messages or password changes.

Critical Points of the Online Transactional Processing

Online transactional Prasad Singh system will rely on a concurrency algorithm to ensure that no two users can change similar data simultaneously. All the transactions will be carried out in an accurate order. This will help prevent people from double booking online reservation systems. For example, making a dinner table reservation

OLTP will provide an index data sets. This means these are used for retrieval, querying, and searching data.

An OLTP System will process a massive number of concurrent transactions. This will help in any data loss or network issues. That can have vast and costly repercussions. It is essential to have complete data backup available for any situation. This will also require constant backups and incremental backups.

Online transactional processes will process a large number of relatively simple transactions. It means there will be updates, deletion of data, or simple data queries it will be made.


In conclusion, the online transaction process system has advanced with time. And it is used in every industry or market system. It plays a significant role in all the transactions that happen in the day to day life. Moreover, it includes online banking applications and ATMs, online ordering for order entry, credit card payment processing, and keeping records of entire data. This data consists of the transactions and includes inventory control, customer service, health records, and many other applications.

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