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Mail Server

Mail Server 

The mail server will help emails process through a series to the intended recipient. And it will look like a message is sent instantly, zipping from one device to another in the blink of an eye. But the reality is that this process will have a complex series of transfers. Without a mail server, you can send emails only to people whose email address domains match your own but not others. Suppose, for example, an account to another account.

What are the Functions of Mail Server?

  • The mail server will have a storage area where incoming emails are stored for users until they can access their email client to read and manage. This is called a Mailbox.
  • The mail transfer agent transfers emails between different mail servers. It will use other protocols, such as the unassuming mail transfer protocol, to send and collect emails.
  • The mail delivery agent will help deliver incoming emails to the recipient’s Mailbox. And then store them until their users retrieve them.
  • As we have mentioned earlier, simple mail transfer protocol is another protocol used for sending emails from a client to a server or between 2 different servers. This is Responsible for the transmission of emails.
  • To ensure proper delivery of emails, some mail servers will act as releases that will forward emails between different servers. This protocol is called a mail relay.
  • Another protocol email clients use is to retrieve emails from this server and download emails to the user’s device. And also remove them from the server. It will also provide an option to leave a copy on the server. This is called post office protocol.


In conclusion, the choice of mail server software will depend on different factors, such as your organization’s needs, security requirements, and preferred email protocols. Some standard software organizations use are sending mail, Microsoft Exchange Server, and more. Some organizations also use hosted email services such as Google Workspace that will provide a comprehensive email solution without managing the underlying server infrastructure.

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