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Macro Viruses

Macro Viruses 

Macro viruses will add code to the macros associated with spreadsheets, documents, and other data files. It will primarily affect Word documents. It was considered one of the dominant virus types, but Microsoft disabled macros by default in Office versions since Office 2000. But now cybercriminals have had to try and track their victims to enable macro viruses before their infected macro can run.

How do Macro Viruses Spread?

Macro viruses are mostly found embedded in documents. They are also inserted as malicious code into the word processing program. They may come from documents attached to emails, or the code may be downloaded after clicking banner ads or links.

It is difficult to detect them as they do not operate until an infected virus is run when they perform a series of commands. It’s similar to another virus called the Trojan virus. Because it is hard to notice it immediately until it has some effects. Another  most dangerous things about this virus is it can replicate itself and infect other computers.

What are the Risks of Macro Virus?

Well, one of the most dangerous reasons is it spreads very quickly. Once applied, it will attack all the other documents on a user’s computer and become infected. It will show abnormal results like missing words, issues accessing your email account, sending copies of infected files to your user’s contact list, and more. It would help to remember that these viruses can come from a trusted source.

They will also remove stored data from your computer. It can also cross-platform if Windows and Mac computers use the same code. They can attack them both. Any program that uses macros can operate as a host, and any copy of an infected program sent through an email or stored on a USB drive will be infected by the virus.

If you want to erase or remove these viruses from your system, you should rely on security software that will provide specific macro virus detection and removal tools. For such situations, it is essential to regularly scan your computer to keep it clean and away from viruses. And also remove all the infected documents.

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