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Keyboard Wedges

Keyboard Wedges 

The keyboard wedges the part of computer hardware and data input. It is an interface used to connect a keyboard to a computer or another device. The name wedge is given because it resembles a wedge-shaped adapter.

It is used when there is a need to capture data from a keyboard and input it into a computer. For example, a barcode scanner or any other data collection equipment. The keyboard wedge well intercepts the keyboard output and then translates it into a format the receiving device can understand. There is a stimulation when you keep pressing to input the data as if it is manually typed on the keyboard.

Different Uses of Keyboard Wedges

  • It is used to enter data into software applications such as inventory management systems that can streamline the data entry process. This process is commonly used in stock houses and warehouses.
  • The keyboard wedges are used to insert data into control systems. This will help simplify the integration of human input devices like keyboards into an automated process.
  • Retail uses them to insert product information, transaction data, and prices accurately. It will help in ensuring that the POS system correctly records the data.

It is also used in barcode scanners by emulating keyboard input and connecting it through a keyboard interface. Suppose when you scan a barcode, the scanner sends the data since it is already typed, or the data is stored in the computer about the barcode that has been scanned. This will make it easy to integrate barcode scanning into different applications without custom software.


In conclusion, the keyboard wedge is widely used for different purposes like wireless technologies, data collection in businesses, scanning different barcodes, and many modern applications. This will offer accurate data collection and is highly flexible, requiring less work since it is automated.

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