Immersive reality is the technology that creates or extends the existing reality that will control reality. This technology can control the 360-sphere. Users can look in any direction at the content. It also overlays the digital images on the users’ environment. Some people will create a new reality by shutting any user from the rest of the world and immersing them in virtual reality.

There are different types of immersive reality. Let us look at some of these:

Virtual Reality: It is one of the standard types of immersive reality. We have been listening to this word quite a few times. People can completely shut themselves from reality and surrounded by the content. People can experience the content in the headset through HDM (Head Mounted Display), which becomes their reality. This will help you experience an authentic and outstanding imagination world as if there are really in it.

360: Well, this is one of the primary types of immersive reality. This reality will be available online, for example, on YouTube. Most smartphones will have 360 reality for clicking pictures. With the help of this, you can create a 360 sphere or three dimensions images. With this development, the prices of this reality equipment have gone down.

How to Use Immersive Reality?

This technology is used in marketing and advertising. This combines the images in basic jpg and png into advanced with the help of immersive reality through smartphone sensory inputs like magnetometer. And run these ads on Google.
Since this immersive works on phones, you can work on various web or apps. So you can create immersive art that will help customers explore your brand within an ad unit while browsing the Internet, and it does not even redirect to another page.

With this technology’s help, the brands cannot just reach their customers with immersive acts, but they can also implement these ads through web apps. If a consumer clicks on the ad, then it will be redirected to the immersive web app where you can understand the brand and the services in a better way.