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GPS tracking is a network that has 24 satellites in devices and orbits on the fro that will detect a person or any object location on Earth that will be precise. It will track three different databases: Navigation, positioning, and timing. This technology was released way back. It means it first originated in the 1960s for military use. In 1983, it was made available for public use. Today, it is used by everyone, from adults to children.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

As mentioned above, it requires various satellites orbiting around the Earth. These satellites will broadcast their locations and status above us. The GPS Master Control Station will monitor all these satellites. The tracking is also done on the ground to ensure the proper function and precision. They also solve any errors or issues that can happen in the tracking.

There is a unique data interpretation when GPS devices on Earth receive signals from a satellite. This happens when the location of four or more satellites concerns tracking devices. This will split their exact position in the three-dimensional space. If more satellites are used, then it will confirm data and provide more precise location results.

Applications of GPS Tracking

  • GPS devices help people navigate to their final destination. This will provide turn-by-turn directions so they get to their location.
  • It will help companies track and monitor their valuable assets, such as packages, types of equipment, and more.
  • It helps businesses to track and monitor their convoy vehicles for better business. This will help businesses optimize routes and security and improve fuel effectively.


GPS tracking technology has become increasingly advanced and affordable, with a wide range of devices and services available for commercial and personal use. However, privacy and data security concerns have also arisen, particularly regarding collecting and storing location information. As such, users and organizations must consider privacy implications and implement appropriate safeguards when using GPS tracking technology.

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