Good Automated Manufacturing Practice is a set of practices that will help manufacturers and people in automated systems in the pharmaceutical field industry. This process is necessary to ensure quality through the processes, products, systems, and more. It helps manufacturers to match regulatory standards for computerized processes, compliance, and validation. It also helps in simplifying the regulatory expectations to ensure efficiency. These processes are recognized by various regulatory authorities worldwide.

GAMP was established under the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering, and it is a technical committee. Their goal is to promote the regulation of automated systems within pharmaceutical companies. It maintains that food products or drugs have the best quality.

Good automated manufacturing practices will help companies perform quality at every stage of the development process and cross-check equipment, materials, hygiene, and more. It also helps guide other processes such as records, electronic data, mobile applications, system testing, and compliance.

Benefits of Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

  • GAMP will help in ensuring the improvement of safety and quality measures in automated manufacturing processes. It reduces the risk of defects and boosts overall product quality and safety of people.
  • It emphasizes the data integrity process to help in reliable and relevant manufacturing data records. This will help companies make informed decisions by analyzing and reporting critical information.
  • GAMP will allow a streamlined automation system and enhance workflow to optimize manufacturing processes effectively. It will encourage people to follow standardized procedures and safety protocols.GAMP will reduce the risks related to automated manufacturing processes and products. It will provide an excellent approach for computer system validation as accepted within industries like pharmaceuticals. System testing is widespread in GAMP so that the company can focus on the system’s high-risk areas. Apart from this, it also focuses on the work of automated systems that work effectively.