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Facebook Cloning

Facebook Cloning 

Facebook cloning is a prohibited practice of creating a fake or duplicate account that impersonates another account. There are various reasons for this, such as spreading false information, harassing someone, etc. Performing Facebook cloning is prohibited, unethical, and against Facebook’s terms and conditions. It can damage someone’s reputation and invade privacy. Let us look at various reasons why Facebook cloning happens.

  • Spread Misleading Information: Cybercriminals will use fake accounts to spread phony information that will damage an organization or any person’s reputation.
  • Frauds and Scams: Cybercriminals will create duplicate accounts to engage people in scam activities that will target someone’s followers and friends.
  • Harassing and Bullying: This is one of the significant Facebook clones to bully or harass someone online they are impersonating.

How to Avoid Facebook Cloning?

Be careful before accepting anyone’s friend request. Recheck your followers list to be on the safer side. Since it is prevalent that unknown people get into your profile and take all of your information and pictures, that can be misused later.

Work on your privacy settings on Facebook to control who will see your information and posts. People with their public accounts must be cautious with the information on their social media accounts. Limiting the visibility of your details only to friends or a group of people you can trust is essential.

Report to Facebook quickly if you see a duplicate website or a cloned account. There is an option where you can report any profile on Facebook. What Facebook will do is it will consider the reports of duplicate accounts and investigate the entire situation. Once Facebook has found out about this account, it will take appropriate action by removing it and preventing the best app use. Reporting any suspicious activity on social media platforms is crucial to maintaining a safe online environment for yourself and others.

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