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E-commerce is called electronic commerce and refers to companies that buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. In other words, the marketing process is carried out through computers, laptops, and other devices. Nowadays, almost everything is brought or sold on the Internet.

The e-commerce process requires more than one party to exchange things or currency. And it is part of the largest e-business or electronic business industry. It means you need to run the company online. E-commerce helps businesses or small businesses gain more exposure, get a wider audience, and more efficient distribution channels. And with these online stores, customers can buy products from clothes to groceries to electronics from their homes.

To set up an e-commerce, you need to decide your business name first and set up everything and legal structure, such as a corporation. For example, if you set up an online store to sell cosmetics and other related products, this will help customers make purchases with their cards and buy the products. E-commerce can run 24 hours and seven days a week. So, it will generate sales and drive revenue even in your sleep. But setting up requires a lot of work and time.

Commercializing your business offline requires a warehouse or manufacturing place, but we can also start a business from home when discussing online. It means the investment in online stores is relatively less. The limitations of shipping products to other places could be higher. It means that with online business, you can sell your products globally. This will increase the earning potential of the company.

Types of E-Commerce

Different types of E-Commerce depend on services, goods, and organizations. Let us look at some of the models:

  • B2B Business: The marketing of products is done from one business to another. This is called business to business.
  • B2C Business: The marketing of products is done from one business to consumers. This is called business to consumer.

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