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Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint 

A digital footprint Is a record or trace of online presence or activity that an individual leaves behind while using their digital devices or platform. This includes the website they have used, sharing information online, interacting with people they made online, and more. Digital footprints can be intentional or unintentional.

Intentional footprints are posting on social media or writing content, a website, or more. And when we talk about unintentional footprints, the best example is website cookies tracking browsing history. Intentional footprints are also called active digital footprints. Unintentional footprints are also called passive digital footprints.

Facts About It

  • It is essential to use this since it can help determine an individual’s digital reputation, which is now considered as crucial as their offline reputation.
  • The content posted for private people can spread to other people, damaging relationships and friendships.
  • Cybercriminals can exploit your digital footprint. The reasons for this can be getting into your account and creating false identities based on your Digital footprint.
  • Before hiring someone in a company, employers can check their potential employees’ digital footprints, especially their social media. This can also be used in colleges or universities to check their students’ backgrounds.

How to Protect Your Digital Footprint?

Here are some of the key points to remember so that you can protect your digital footprint from cybercriminals or anything that could destroy your reputation:

  • Double-check your privacy settings before you do anything on social media. For example, if you are posting something, check your privacy settings.
  • Do not do not disclose your private data on public WiFi since it is less secure. You don’t know who has set it up or if someone is watching you.
  • It is good to use social media but stop oversharing everything on social media. You should never forget you do not need to share your personal information such as location, travel plans, or any other personal information that could destroy your reputation or cause you any problems.

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