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Data Analytics

Data Analytics 

Data analytics is the process where raw data is converted into actionable insights. This process involves different technologies, software tools, and other techniques that help work on recent trend processes and problem-solving using data. It can help in making decisions and generating revenue and business growth. It also helps companies get more visibility and better understand their services.

With the help of data analytics, you can reveal trends and metrics that might have been lost due to a mass of information. The information can be used to increase a business’s or an organization’s overall efficiency.

It can be used in gaming companies to set schedules for players to keep most players active in the game. Apart from this, other companies like digital marketing use data analytics to keep the users clicking or watching their content to get views or clicks on their content.

Data Analytics Works in Several Steps

  • The initial step is to determine the data requirement and understand how the data is grouped. It is essential to categorize the data into different groups. Each group consists of similar data with the help of numbers.
  • Then, the next step is collecting the data from different resources such as online sources, through forms, personnel, and other sources. Then, we move on to the next step.
  • The 3rd step Is organizing the data once it is collected. You can use a spreadsheet or other tool or software to help keep the statistical data.
  • The defined step is to check the data to ensure no error, duplication, or incomplete. Once the data is wholly checked and uncleaned, then the data is analyzed. This step should be done before the data goes to the analyst. The analyst will examine your entire data and give you insights on what work needs to be done further.

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