Data aggregation is the Process of gathering raw data to analyze them effectively. The Process involves collecting information from various databases and arranging it into an easy-to-use medium for later reference. It would help to remember that the data collected does not need numerics since non-numeric data elements can also be counted.

Data aggregation is crucial to making better decisions, improving efficiency, getting better results, and understanding consumer behavior. But remember that only collecting high-quality and reliable data is not enough. It would be best if you were consistent in evolving, and finding and using the data better is crucial. DA is also important in making all the business decisions like planning, setting prices, sales, advertisements, and marketing campaigns.

Apart from aggregated data, it can represent thousands of data records. This aggregated data is collected from the individual records, and an analysis report is prepared. But when data aggregation is done manually, it can take so much of your time. Now, many software tools that are not time-consuming are available for add, and accurate data is collected and analyzed.

Nowadays, data aggregation is very crucial for enterprises. When you collect and analyze data from multiple sources, it increases the value of information. And the tools you used to collect and analyze the data also drag the info where it came from, which means the source. Apart from this, you must also invest in data professionals who will understand the collected data and give you the required outcome.

Aggregated data is used in many cases like marketing (The data obtained from marketing campaigns), Retail industry (The collection and analysis of the retail sector), And healthcare (Data aggregation helps to collect reports of patients and also maintains transparency between the healthcare providers and patients).