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Can technology replace teacher’s quotes
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Can technology replace teacher’s quotes 

Can technology replace teacher’s quotes – The origin of this blog is none other than to bring New Technologies closer to the educational world. If something is clear to me, mastering and managing what we call New Technologies has meant a massive change for me regarding teaching my students. I never tire of repeating that New Technologies has made me a better teacher.  But I have also been clear from the beginning that New Technologies has come to the field of Education as a tool, not as an extra for the teacher’s work. In certain areas, there is a belief that technology will be able to replace in the not too distant future the work that teachers carry out in the classroom and to me, this approach seems wrong.

That is why this article intends to demonstrate that New Technologies facilitate learning in schools, but in no case have they come to replace the task of a teacher.

Why will New Technologies never replace a teacher?


I think it is important to differentiate between two concepts essential in the educational world. These concepts are Education and learning. While learning means acquiring knowledge of something through study or experience, studying is conceived as the development of the intellectual and moral facilities of people, in our case as teachers, of our students. I am apparent that New Technologies are a tremendously good tool for learning, but those of us who educate in schools are the people. We are the teachers who transmit those aspects that will be key to the development of our students. In a society like the current one, I believe that the teacher is becoming increasingly indispensable because he is no longer just a mere transmitter of knowledge but has become a channeler of the problems surrounding childhood and adolescence, a manager of emotions. New Technologies make it easier for us, and I even want to think that they improve some aspects of our learning,

Can technology replace teacher’s quotesInterpretation.

I think it is an essential nuance and even more so if we apply it to the field of Education. More and more, the School tends to feel analytical thought. Closed questions, yes or no questions, are gaining ground over open questions, questions that answer the why of things. New Technologies in Education is conceived as tools to solve specific questions, but this solution is often exempt from interpretation. And there, the teacher’s figure is once again necessary and irreplaceable. New Technologies help us understand the world around us, but we are the teachers in the School and are in charge of giving a reading, an interpretation to such answers. Education goes far beyond answering yes or no.

Can technology replace teacher’s quotes Interaction

In other articles, I have already referred to the importance of the term interaction education. I believe that it is a term to which we must give the importance it deserves since it is a crucial element for the Education of our students. The teacher has an excellent opportunity to interact freely with his students. What does this mean? Well, he has the chance to convert a one-way message into a two-way message. New Technologies serve to facilitate learning and resolve many doubts. New Technologies are an inexhaustible source of information and a great source of resources. But New Technologies still have a long way to go in the footing of interaction. The teacher becomes less and less important if we refer to him as a means of transmission. In an article, I published titled what a teacher is for? The answer I gave is that a teacher is helpful for everything that is not in google.


On the contrary, they have wanted to sell us the New Technologies as devices that produce the feelings that I have just alluded to, and in my opinion, it is false. Machines have their main asset in their functionality. They meet our needs and do so in a reasonably short time.


When we refer to specific machines, we do so with the term model: I have the latest model; the latest model has come out. Exemplarity is closely related to what we understand by the term model. New Technologies are made of devices made from a design. New Technologies are improving these models daily to make them more functional for the society that consumes them daily.

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