The absolute link, or the Absolute URL, is a web address containing the domain name, internet resources, and protocol. This will help you land on the exact location of the web page of the user’s current location. This link looks like “http://” or https://, followed by the domain name. These links are used to point out resources of external websites in different locations with the same website. Irrespective of the user’s current location, the absolute link will specify the complete address of the resource.

The absolute link will provide the complete URL of the resource, including the protocol and domain name. It will also ensure that the connection can be accessed from wherever on the internet and is self-contained since it does rely on anything else.

It is the link that is not dependent on the user’s current location or the location of the web page containing the link. They offer a fixed address to a resource. It will allow the users to access it no matter where they are in the world. It is also a commonly used reference resource on external websites. For example, if you want to link to a particular page on another website, you can use an absolute link to provide the complete URL of the page.

If you choose the absolute link, you can avoid duplicate content problems. There are chances that multiple versions of root domains can be indexed in search engines without a canonical tag that will point to the accurate interpretation of the website. This will lead to problems like duplicate content because Google will potentially use any of the multiple versions. And Google will rank whatever format they like. Using the absolute link will help in improving your website SEO. And help it rank at the top of  search results.