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Wired Earbuds Write for Us, Guest Post, Contribute, & Submit Post

Wired Earbuds Write for Us

Wired Earbuds Write for Us

Wired Earbuds Write for Us – A wired earbud is a set of earbuds plugged into a microphone and connected to a telephone or computer via a wired connection. The connection is typically made via a headphone jack or USB socket. A wired headset allows the user to hear and talk using one device. In some cases, the earbuds and microphone connect to the electronic expedient using a single connection, while some wired earbuds need to use separate wires for the two components and want to write exciting articles; we are here to publish your thoughts at

What are Wired Earbuds or Wireless Headset?

On balance, is buying a wired headset or a wireless product more convenient? As we have mentioned, the answer to the question is mainly subjective, much depends on the type of performance you require from your earbuds, the purposes, and the times of use, so it could be better to rely on one or the other type, it is understood that the main thing is to buy a model of proven quality in general, by comparing the two types of earbuds.

The Difference Between Wireless and Wired Earbuds

Wired models transmit sound waves through wires. Pros:

  • They don’t need to be recharged.
  • The original sound quality remains virtually unaffected because there is no transcoding.
  • Lightness.

Of course, the distortion is inevitable, but it is minimal. However, most people don’t notice the difference with wireless earbuds. Against:

  • Uncomfortable: you can only store your smartphone due to the distance from the wire; you must carry it with you.
  • Wires fray, headset head, or plug comes off.

The Benefits of Wired Earbuds

The Benefits of Wired Earbuds

Although technological evolution has led to the birth of new earphone products and relative technical standards, the old earbuds with 3.5 mm jack still stand up very well regarding sound reproduction quality, comfort of use, and longevity, fully satisfying users. Wanting to summarize the advantages of wired earbuds, we can highlight the main virtues of the product:

  • Maximum audio quality compatible with the absolute highest standards of High-Resolution listening
  • Product versatility, even in new-generation devices
  • Very convenient value for money
  • No need for batteries and refills
  • No product installation or configuration.

Types of Wired Earphones

Two major types of wired earphones depend on the type of wired connection to the source device.

Wired earphones with 3.5mm jacks: using the ubiquitous universal plug. The advantage is not to occupy inputs for recharging devices such as smartphones and tablets, even if these inputs are becoming increasingly rare on phones.

Wired earphones and type c USB: the solution that is becoming more and more predominant, even if it occupies the charging input and even though almost all high-end models are still of the opposite type. We also include earbuds with lightning input for iPhone and iPad in this category, even if Apple will soon have to adapt to the universal standard.

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