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Computer Networking Write for Us- Guest Post, Contribute, and Submit Post

Computer Networking Write for Us

Computer Networking Write for Us

Computer Networking Write for Us – A computer network is a system that attaches numerous independent computers to share information (data) and capital. The addition of computers and other different devices allows users to connect more easily. A computer network is a collection of two or more computer schemes. A network joining can be established using either cable or wireless media. Hardware and software are used to attach computers and tools in any network, and if you can send us the ideas and you submit the article, contact at

What is Computer Networking?

Computer networking refers to interconnected computing devices exchanging data and sharing resources. These networked devices use a system of rules called infrastructures protocols to transmit information over physical or wireless technologies.

What Does Computer Networking Do?

Computer Networks are one of the important aspects of Computer Science. In the early days, it was used for data transmission on telephone lines and had very limited use, but nowadays, it is used in various places. Computer Networks help in providing better connectivity that allows nowadays. Modern computer networks have the following functionality:

  • Computer Networks assist in operating virtually.
  • Computer Networks integrate on a large scale.
  • Computer Networks respond very quickly in case of conditions change.
  • Computer Networks help in providing data security.

Types of Computer Networking

Computer networks can be classified founded on several criteria, such as the broadcast medium, the network size, the topology, and organizational intent. Based on a geographical scale, the different types of networks are:

Nanoscale networks: These networks enable communication between minuscule sensors and actuators.

Personal area network (PAN): PAN refers to a network used by just one person to connect multiple devices, such as laptops to scanners.

Local area network (LAN): The local area network connects devices within a limited physical area, such as schools, hospitals, or office buildings.

Storage area network (SAN): SAN is a dedicated network that facilitates block-level data storage. This is used in storage devices such as disk arrays and tape libraries.

Campus area network (CAN): Campus area networks are a collection of interconnected LANs. They are used by larger entities such as colleges and governments.

How is Computer Networking Evolving?

Modern-day networks deliver more than connectivity. Organizations are embarking on transforming themselves digitally. Their webs are critical to this transformation and their success. The types of network buildings that are evolving to meet these needs are as follows:

Software-defined (SDN): In response to new requirements in the “digital” age, network

Intent-based: Building on SDN principles, intent-based networking (IBN) introduces agility and sets up a network.

Virtualized: The underlying physical network infrastructure can be partitioned logically to create multiple “overlay” networks.

Controller-based: Network controllers are crucial to scaling and securing networks.

Goals of Computer Networking

Programs do not have to execute on a single system because of resource and load sharing.

Reduced costs: Multiple machines can share printers, tape drives, and peripherals.

Reliability: If one machine fails, another can take its place.

Scalability (it’s simple to add more processors or computers)

Communication and mail (people living apart can work together)

Information Access (remote information access, access to the internet, e-mail, video conferencing, and online shopping)

Entertainment that is interactive (online games, videos, etc.)

Social Networking.

How To Submit Your Guest Post?

Once your article is ready, you can submit it to the journal. You can usually submit your report by email:

Why Write for Technostag – Computer Networking Write for Us

Why Write for Technostag – Computer Networking Write for Us
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Guidelines of the Article Computer Networking Write for Us

Guidelines of the Article Computer Networking Write for Us
Your article or post should be unique, not copied or published anywhere on another website.
The author cannot republish their guest post content on any other website.
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