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Iphone Write For Us – Today we bring you a collection of 37 tricks, tips and features for iOS 14 to get the most out of your iPhone. In the article,, we will not only cover the novelties that have come with iOS 14, but we will also mention many other tricks and functions that were already available from previous versions.

The objective is that if an inexperienced user has bought an iPhone now and wants to find tricks to take advantage of it with the current version of iOS, this article will help them. You will understand that we focus on many of the essential functions, although we also include some more advanced tricks that we hope will help more knowledgeable users.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, if you think we’ve missed an essential trick on our list, we invite you to share it with all of us in the comments section. Thus, when users who need these tips reach the article, they will be able to benefit from the collective knowledge of our Xatakeros community.

1. Add widgets to your screens

The main novelty of iOS 14 is one of the biggest revolutions in the operating system, which adopts the widgets that have been available on Android for years and years. This gives you as a user many more alternatives when it comes to customizing the appearance of the mobile and seeing more information about certain apps without entering them.

  • Hold your digit down on one of the desktops.
  • The mode of removing and moving apps will be activated.
  • While the apps are shaking, press the + plus button on the top left.
  • The Widget search engine will open, where you have to click on the one you want to use.
  • Recommended widgets will appear first, followed by apps with widgets. If you click on them, you will see all that they offer.

2. Hide desktops (with the apps on them)

Now, iOS 14 will allow you to hide some desktops or screens and all the applications on them. But don’t worry, because when you do it, you will also have the App Library, which is like the Android app drawer. Like the last screen, it is to the far right, and you will have all your apps organized.

  • Hold your finger unhappy on one of the desktops.
  • The mode of removing and moving apps will be activated.
  • While the apps are shaking, click on the page or desktop indicator at the bottom with several dots.
  • A view will open with all the pages you have configured, where you have to uncheck the page you want to hide.
  • Now click OK.
  • When finished, you will have hidden a desk.
  • Remember that you will now see the application drawer by sliding to the right.

3. That all new apps go to the library

By not having an app drawer, every time you installed a new app, it was placed on one of your screens or desktops. This is over (or not), and now you can configure where the new apps you install go, whether they go to a screen or directly to the App Library.

  • Enter the device settings.
  • Tap Home screen.
  • You will have the Recently Downloaded Apps section, and you can decide where you want them to go.

4. Move old apps to the library without uninstalling them

And what about those apps that you don’t want to use and have on a desktop that you want to keep? Do you have to move them all to a desktop that you will hide? Well, no, because now, when you delete an app, the dialogue will ask you if you prefer to move them to the app library instead of deleting them.

  • Hold your finger down on an app.
  • When everything shakes, and you can move and delete the apps, tap the X of the app you poverty to hide. It’s like you’re going to delete it.
  • The pop-up gap will ask you if you want to delete the app or change it to the library, which is the iOS app drawer.

5. Use internal search engine

In iOS, as in almost all Android flavours, you can find two internal search engines to make your life much easier when finding options or applications. One is on the desktop, called Spotlight, and it appears when you slide your finger slightly down on the screen at any point on the desktop. You can find applications, anything within them, or searches with what you type.

And the other search engine is in the settings. It doesn’t show up by default, but if you swipe down to see what’s on top of the widget with your account, you’ll see it show up. In it, you can find any specific setting in case you want to find an option but can’t remember how to get there.

6. Use the calculator without opening the calculator

Spotlight is that sort of search engine that appears when you swipe down on the screen from anywhere, and in addition to letting you find apps and features, it also has some other neat features. For example, it allows you to find definitions or do math calculations or conversions directly from your browser without opening any application.

So now all you have to do is open Spotlight with the swipe-down gesture and start typing the conversion or math calculation you want to do. Currency conversions are counted, and if you write a word, it will also suggest its definition from the dictionary.

7. Mirror mode for your selfies

If you’ve ever taken a selfie on your iPhone, you know that you usually take the photo of yourself, and then iOS reverses it so that you appear not as you see yourself on the screen but as the camera sees you. This is something that, with iOS 14, we can change so that the photos are inverted as if they were a mirror, and you appear as you see yourself reflected.

  • First, go into the iOS settings.
  • There, tap on the Camera section.
  • Now, turn on the Mirror Front Camera feature.

8. Activate the burst button for the camera

Another thing you can turn on now in the camera settings is that the volume up button can take a burst of photos, so you can make sure you don’t miss a perfect shot when there’s action on the go.

9. Turn on dark mode

IOS, like all operating systems and many apps today, allows you to choose between a light and a dark mode. Thus, you will be able to change the interface’s colours to black tones that use up less battery power, put less stress on the eyes, and for some, it is more aesthetic. This is not a current novelty, but it is still a function that every new user should know.

  • Enter the device settings.
  • Tap on Display and brightness.
  • Above all, you can choose between light and dark modes.
  • You will also be able to choose the Automatic option, which will activate one or the other depending on the time.

10. Clear all pending notifications

When you open the iOS notification panel, you can clear them one by one. Sometimes it seems like it’s the only option. However, if you click on the X button at the top right, a button called Delete will appear, and if you click on it, all notifications will be deleted at once.

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