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Desktop Computer Write For Us – Jobs related to computing and telecommunications have gone from 25,000 to 45,000 between 2010 and the present…

The sector is in constant search of new talents, generally highly specialized.

Launching into application development, being a system and network administrator or running a computer project requires professional skills generally acquired through constantly evolving training.

Superprof offers an overview of everything you need to know before embarking on computer training worthy of the name…

Take an introductory computer course.

Five vital things you have to learn in a computer training

Before diving into convoluted lines of code, it’s best to start with the basics of computer science.

These are the five essentials for web jobs.

1. What is an IP address?

We’ve often heard it, but what is an IP address,?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. And you will tell me, and what is the use of knowing that!

You have to view the IP address as a unique computer phone number. Computers use it to exchange information and send data to each other as long as they are on the same network.

The IP address comprises a series of numbers between 0 and 250. It is supplied by your Internet router, not the computer itself.

2. What is a server for?

Me when the computer does not respond.

Servers are the indispensable element today. A server serves to supply data. When you post a video on YouTube, you post it only once, but it will be linked hundreds, thousands of times on the Internet, so that users can watch it, all instantly.

This explains that if the servers used are not powerful enough, a video or an application gives problems due to distance. This happened with the Pokemon Go application recently during the event to celebrate the application’s first anniversary: ​​the servers were blocked due to the number of connections in the same place and time. Hence the importance of using servers powerful enough to avoid bad publicity.

If you want to teach an excel course or another program, do not hesitate to register on our platform to share your knowledge!

3. What does HTML mean?

The Hyper Text Markup Language is not a programming language. Like the IP address, HTML is intended for the computer. It is a language that deciphers; it is enough to learn, as with any language.

This language indicates the type of font used, the size of the text, or the images to be integrated. Don’t worry if you don’t memorize all the elements; they are easy to find on the Internet.

For example, to make text bold, we place it between the <b> and </b> tags. “B” is the first letter of brave, which means aggressive in English.

4. What is the utility of a cookie?

cookie is a trail you leave behind when you browse the Internet. Your browser places a harmless file on your computer to return advertisements related to your searches.

I explain.

You are looking for shoes at Zalando. You close the page without buying anything or having put anything in your cart.

Later, when you watch a video on YouTube, an ad with the shoes you were looking at before will probably appear in the sidebar.


5. What are the different programming languages?

They are several.

Java, C and Python are undoubtedly popular and most sought-after. But you may need to control several computer languages.

  • To publish with WordPress, you need to know Javascript and PHP,
  • To work with Windows, you’d better be fluent in C#.

Start by choosing between Java and C++. Then go to Javascript. Then choose between PHP, Swift and Python, depending on your desire and needs.

And to learn five additional vital things in computer training, check out the full article to become a real “geek”.

What diplomas are necessary to give computer training?

Computer-related jobs are in full swing, so why not pursue this job full-time? Many want to recycle but need training.

How do be a computer science teacher and be able to respond to the rising needs of the sector?

Suppose today, it is not mandatory to go through a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, Multimedia and Communication to be a web developer, be part of or be the head of a computer project. In that case, it is interesting to study some type of field studies. computer.

You can also opt for technical certifications, which sometimes give access to exams that are highly valued by companies. The courses associated with certifications are usually expensive, so it is always better to do it through a company or through courses subsidized by the community or a program of the Ministry of Education.

Within the certifications, there are various modalities:

  • Cisco (for networking) and Microsoft (closer to computers and computing).
  • Microsoft: they are the most universal, they exist in several areas within the technology and operating systems that Microsoft has, including specific applications. A good number of online courses and material are offered to study on your own and thus prepare adequately for the exam. If you want to take excel courses online, do not hesitate to use our platform.

Thanks to your studies, you will learn to do programming exercises.

You can also recycle yourself through training to be a multimedia programmer or infographics artist.

Learning to give computer courses is not for everyone: it requires pedagogy and patience to know how to transmit your knowledge to your students.

If you want to teach an excel course, don’t hesitate to use our platform to find students!

What computer training is required for these jobs? Discover 3 professions

Even with a Bachelor’s level or lower you can access training to recycle yourself in a web job and work in the IT department of a company or be a freelance software developer designer.

1. Being a software developer

Position: Java or PHP developer creates computer programs for their clients.

Education: degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.


  • Knowledge of programming languages,
  • Project management,
  • Computer maintenance.


  • Rigor,
  • Analysis capacity,
  • Reaction capacity,
  • Creativity.

Salary: €2,000 to €2,500 per month.

2. Choosing the webdesigner job

Do I have to do a master’s degree in Computer Science to be a web designer?

Position: The web designer is in charge of the visual identity of a website or an entire brand. He therefore creates the visuals of the web page, but also intervenes in its ramification and ergonomics. He is aware of the latest information and communication technologies used.

Formation: there are two possibilities. Either start with computer training and couple it with artistic studies or the other way around: start from an art school and complete it with computer studies. Choose, for example, a degree in graphic design with optionals in communication and digital media or a degree in Multimedia and Telecommunications.


  • Knowledge of Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects),
  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS language.


  • Organization,
  • Creativity,
  • Autonomy,
  • Diplomacy,
  • Teamwork.

Salary: €2,000 per month.

3. Train as an expert in referencing

Position: the objective of an expert in referencing or SEO is that his client’s website appears in the first position of search engines. The referencing expert analyzes the statistics of the page to later give the recommendations that have to be applied.

Training: degree in Computer Science with a specialization in marketing.


  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS language,
  • writing ability,
  • Knowledge of analysis tools.


  • stress resistance,
  • Pedagogy,
  • Analysis capacity.

Salary: €2,000 per month.

For more information, check out our article dedicated to IT-related jobs .

Why do computer training with a private teacher?

Training with the option of a diploma can be a good way to find a job in the world of computing, but accessing a computer school can be complicated. A computer teacher can help you achieve it, among other things.

It will help you get started in the world of web development and cloud computing.

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