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CRM Write For Us – What is CRM or Customer Relationship Management software for its acronym in English? It is a tool designed to help sales and marketing teams. Above all, to manage the way in which they relate to their clients and prospects.

The translation of CRM into Spanish is: Customer Relationship Management. However, a better description of the concept may be: customer relationship management software.

Before, companies had a rather curious system to schedule meetings, schedule calls or even keep a portfolio of clients. They did everything by means of post it notes, road books, notebooks, rolodexes, email histories or spreadsheets.

In short, it was a very complicated task to carry out, disorganized, and above all, a large amount of time was lost.

A CRM is a computer technology tool that is used for the organization and administration of a company’s contacts. Its main function is to help its users to centralize all the information of their clients. Also to organize the activities that must comply with them and collect statistical information on their performance.

In the same way, CRMs are an excellent tool to promote teamwork and information transparency. This is because it creates a work ecosystem for the entire commercial area. In this ecosystem, comparing results or sharing data is extremely easy.

You may be wondering: Who can use this type of tool?

The answer is easy: Any company that has a commercial department. A CRM can help you:

Manage subscribers via email

Organize and track relevant information that allows us to find new prospects

Manage sales opportunities

Manage the work of your sales team and measure the results of your collaborators.

In general, when you are looking for a CRM system, it is because you need or want to simplify your sales processes.

With a good CRM system you can keep track of your deals, information about your prospects and their organization. You have reminders of all kinds, tasks to perform or key points to mention in the meeting with your prospect.

With all this information you can avoid setbacks of all kinds when generating a sale or contacting a prospect. Now you have all the relevant data for the sale in one place. In addition, you can access all the information in an easy and fast way.

CRMs are not just information storage centers. As technology has advanced, these tools have evolved and help us to:

Generate leads through digital means such as web forms or artificial intelligence chatbots

Nurture the relationship with potential customers

Automate administrative work, conversation flows and follow-up to our clients

Identify the best deals within our sales funnels through artificial intelligence

Measure the results of our commercial efforts in real time

Overall, it makes processes more efficient and the job for your team much easier.

Internally, a CRM helps sellers automate their sales activities. It also helps managers keep track of the performance of their entire team.

With a CRM you will know when to communicate with potential clients, I’m sorry to say and how to say it.

When talking about customer relationship management, one of the challenges that arises is selecting a CRM system. Of course, it is necessary that it adapts to the sales process of your company.

We want to explain how this technology can help you build a sustainable foundation for the growth of your company.

The fundamentals and benefits of a CRM

We are going to start by explaining how CRM platforms work and the benefits of adopting one in your organization.

CRM strategy and technology and how they work together

Before talking about the benefits of CRM tools, you must understand the difference between CRM technology and CRM strategy.

In summary the key difference between the two is:

CRM Technology – Works as a central platform where customer data can be securely organized, used and shared. It provides functionality for funnel and reporting management. It also gives you the ability to communicate and track all customer touch points

CRM Strategy : These are the processes that organizations implement to standardize and optimize the way in which CRM technology is used.

To best utilize CRM technology, you need a customer-focused strategy. This strategy must be enabled by technology.

Your CRM should not be seen as a tactical advantage. The most successful organizations use their CRM as a strategic function in all their areas of business. This allows them to remove barriers between the marketing and sales teams, as well as being more successful with customers.

So how to integrate, define and execute a CRM strategy?

Start by taking a broad view of each department within your organization that directly interacts with your customers. This refers to sales, marketing and all departments that are in charge of general customer service. Such as the product team, technical support, logistics, etc.

An assessment of the other types of technology used in the organization is also required. Moreover, you have to evaluate how they could contribute to the CRM strategy. However,  some important platforms to evaluate are: business intelligence tools, marketing, customer support, and e-commerce platforms.

Here’s a four-step process for evaluating your business and creating implementation strategies for your CRM:

1. Identify internal challenges

Look for the obstacles that your customers may have when buying. It also identifies areas that complicate the communication process. Both with your clients, the collaborators of a team and the different departments of the commercial area.

2. Map the customer life cycle

Document how your prospects find you, how they interact with your product and your salespeople. What is their experience when consuming it and how is it that they finally become customers.

The sales process needs to work alongside the customer journey to guide the customer where they need to go.

3. Define your metrics

Establish benchmarks to be able to evaluate the performance and productivity of your commercial area.

Based on these key performance indicators you can define what the activity objectives are. This applies to both your sales team and your technical support or logistics area.

4. Business stages

Have you adopted a new CRM? Keep in mind and take note of the entire series of events that you need to make everything work perfectly. So you can avoid technical setbacks.

Build your CRM implementation strategy

To put together your CRM strategy you have to take into account some essential principles.

Vision : What will the integration of a CRM platform look like in all departments of the company?

Culture : Is the organization ready for a customer-oriented sales process?

Vision route : Have a clear and oriented vision of the path that the client will take during the sales process.

Education : Create instructional material for internal teams and stakeholders.

Communication : How the CRM process will be shared between the different areas.

Leadership : Who will take charge?

 What responsibility falls on which team?

Product value : How the CRM strategy will be complemented by technology.

Implementation : Document the plan for how the new process will be implemented.

Success : When will it be known if the strategy is already implemented?  Moreover, what KPI will be measured?

With these points included in your plan, you can begin to understand the transition your company will make when implementing a CRM.  Moreover, you will know the impact that this will have on your processes and the way you connect with your clients and prospects.

Creating an implementation strategy will not only help your client get what they are looking for. You will also see improvements in your sales status.

How CRM technology can help you improve your sales process

As we already know, the CRM platform facilitates the sales process. This is the first step for its correct implementation.

The automation process is one of the main benefits that a CRM platform can offer you. Instead of carrying out activities manually, you find yourself with properly organized and automated processes. So you can effort on what truly matters… selling.

A CRM can benefit your entire organization. When we talk near automation, we are not just referring to a sales approach.  Moreover, it can be applied in every area of ​​your business!

A very practical example is with the issue of billing and logistics.

You can send an automatic email to your billing area introducing your new client. By this means you share all your billing data and information about your purchase. You can also send the customer’s order information and delivery address to your company’s logistics department. Moreover,  all this with the simple fact of marking a deal as won.

With a single automation you have just saved hours of work for your commercial area. You have ensured that the administrative processes of your company are being fulfilled in a timely manner.

Why use a CRM?

A CRM is a tool that encompasses the entire customer experience. It is not just to increase sales as some think.

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Guidelines of the Article – CRM Write For Us

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